Lucius told the party to investigate and clear a strange fog, and destroy any monsters that might stop an old mine from being reopened.

The party hired on a swordsman and a hobo (Jeff). The swords was killed when he smack talked [Nick] about using rapiers.

When the party arrived at a village at the edge of the fog, they found the village to be jealously guarding its walls. Finfirth talked his way past the guard, and then the party found the only man in the village who had any experience with the fog - a senile old man [also “Finfirth”] who is only lucid when talking about the foul thing he heard in the fog, a warning “Turn Back, or else.”

The party kidnapped the old man (telling the peasants of the village that they intended to return with him, and bring a golden music box with them) and brought him with to the fog. In the fog, they met a Planetar who told them to turn back. When they refused the Planetar told them he was the fog and he was guarding something terrible, and if the party wanted to get to the mine and clear the fog they needed to fight him to prove their worth.

The party won the fray, even going so far as to kill the Planetar after he had already surrendered (thinking it a trick.) This cleared the fog, and the party walked towards the mine. After a brief encounter with some revenants and a strange evil Paladin (who finally retreated and escaped the party), the party finally found the mine, which was caved in and had the burial mounds and weapons of warriors of the past.

Finfirth picked up a scepter in jest, and the spirits of noble warriors appeared to stop him. They explained that they had made the ultimate sacrifice, and bound their spirits to this place in order to stop a horrible world-ending sentient plague from escaping. The paladin the party had fought was the current host of the plague, driven mad by constant pain and forceful resurrection (compliments of the plague) preventing him from enjoying the succor of death.

It turns out the sentient plague originated as an evil person who desired to become an unstoppable dragon. Although the ghosts managed to kill him, he had enough power that he was able channel some of his spirit in the claw of the dragon. (Something like this.)

Then the party fought the paladin, removed the claw and stuck it in Gulliver, Finfirth’s familiar.