Drew's Summary

A summary of events, for Charles’ and Kevin’s benefit:

The first Gods were:

The Lonely Dragon, Wev The Great Storm Bird, Leok the shape shifter, The Aurumvorax, and the Giant Arm of the Space Pope, Inari the Ten Tailed Fox, and Cthulhu. They created fire elementals, Wevra (bird people), Tree ents and Huldra (female ents that came later), golems, Machat (frog people), Kitsune (fox people) and Scots (immortals from Highlander) respectively. For most of the rest of history: The Wev policed the world from their mountain top city state, the Kitsune developed culturally, the Scots appeased Cthulhu to keep him sealed away, the Machat spread the word of the space pope, and Elves came out of the ent forest. Later races were Ifrit, more human less evil fire people created by Inari from the fire elementals, and Free Men who defied Cthulhu and left Scotland, thus being cursed with 40 year lives and horrible deformities. Gremstench Wormsnarl (a shadowy mass) appeared on islands in the Southern seas and created Fetchlings, Dwarves became a sub race of Scots, and Humans and giants came into existence in the East.

Important events in later history:

Fetchlings tried to invade mainland, hitting the Free Men first and causing the survivers to flee to various parts of the mainland. The Wevra came to the Free Men’s aid and drove the Fetchlings back. Humans saw the Wevra as meddlesome bullies and allied with the Giants to invade Wev’dera, the Wevra capital city. The Ifrit and the Kitsune formed a joint government. The Scots took control of the Golden city of the Aurumvora. Some scots were blessed/cursed by Cthulhu and became Star Spawn of Cthulhu. The Wevra won their war against humans and giants just barely, and fallen human soldiers rose again as the first undead. Soon after, Cthulhu escaped his bonds and killed Wev, and something that Josh or joe would have to explain happened in the golden city, and everything turned to stone.

In adventures:

In Roberto’s one shot: In order to stop Cthulhu from rising again, a party was ordered to kill a star by the Wevra. Josh’s Ifrit character had an out of body experience when we went to the sky dome of this land, and ended up possessing the star and falling to Earth.

In Roberto’s campaign: There was some prophesy about the Lonely Dragon dying and bringing about the Apocalypse. He died, but his still beating heart is somewhere in the glacial regions that the giants came from.

Roberto’s Risus one shot: A crazed Kitsune sorceress tried to destroy the Ifrit dynasty with a cannibal army by equipping them with equipment made out of the remains of the Lonely Dragon. A disfunctional adventuring party killed her, and then fought the mother of abominations they had been traveling with. Inari cuddled the mother of abomination into submission, and took her back to her palace. Drosil Yatez, a fetchling thief among the party who was as dashing as he was untrustworthy, made off with the party’s reward.

Check here for more information on races and the like: http://campaignwiki.org/wiki/ThisLand/

Christian Spencer’s one-shot adventure consisted of a perusal of a subterranean zone located beneath a major human settlement. Incidentally the security of this establishment was run by knitted golems constructed by what might have been a sylph. They fought through the rather nasty areas and avoided the wrath of the cave nymphs all the while embracing the worst that life had to offer. They discovered that the previously sent rat archaeologist had stolen a mountain of cocaine and had done himself in rather nastily but was swiftly put down like all the best rat kings starring in 19th century ballet are. When they arrived out cthonic super town and into the verdant magnificence of major human settlement b they discovered that the apocalypse was on. That is to say a major fetchling invasion was on. They managed to escape in a most serendipitous fashion.