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Race Rules for Dark Dungeons

House Rule - Racial Templates

Characters of nonhuman races may play as their racial class, or use a racial template on a human class, and take a 10% experience penalty. For standard demihuman races, the racial template is their improved saving throws, first-level racial abilities and their weapon/armor restrictions. The racial templates are as follows:


Elf, Huldra

Red Cap (Replaces Halfling)


The following races do not have any racial classes. Use these as templates on human classes for making non-human characters of these races.


A dark race, who worship and live in the foul god Dreadstench Wormsnarl. Have culture influenced by the ancient greeks.

Free Man

A mutant race of Scots cursed by Cthulhu when they fled to the mainland to escape his worship.

Frogfolk (Machatan)

A diplomatic race who live to spread their religion around the world.

Frost Giant

A physically powerful race of giants with blue skin, and yellow hair.


Humanoids who have an elemental affinity for fire. Originally from the flame-lands.


Mischevous, long-lived, shape-shifting fox-like humanoids.


Short, ratlike creatures who fight the abominations of the Underdeep, and who have culture resembling the Roman Republic.

Special: You may build a ratfolk as a halfling, but replace unobtrusive with Heatvision, reduce all saving throws by 2 and use the ratfolk minimum stat requirements in place of the halfling’s.


There can only be one. Highlander as an entire race.


An honorable, bird-like race of humanoids, who patrol the world and await the return of their dead god.