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Recap April 12, 2017

They made their way to the tower making sure the dragon was nowhere in sight. The tower stood at the top of a hill. A small cottage was attached to the tower. The cottage had a door that led both into the cottage and then presumably into the tower. Several arrow slits can be seen on the tower walls and there is an eerie quiet surrounding the entire place and a strange acrid smell in the air. The tower had no roof. Two corpses of giant spiders lay on the path leading to the tower, apparently having been dragged there. They are bloated, puckered and blistered and appeared mauled by some large animal.

The group walked up to the tower with Doria in the front, Calen in the middle and Althea guarding the back. Doria went into the cottage and saw only web covered furniture of very little value. While exploring she saw a door way leading towards the tower and went to investigate. She saw an old wooden chest on the bottom floor of the tower just below a set of spiral stairs leading up into the door. As she went to look at the chest she and Calen heard a noise coming from above in the tower. She looked in the chest as quietly as she could and found a good amount of coin, four silver goblets with moonstones on them, two magical scrolls. Beneath the coins was an old rusty battleaxe that had Dwarven runes on it. Neither Doria or Calen could read them so Doria decided to sneak upstairs to see what was making the noise. Calen stayed downstairs and looked at the object from the chest. Althea kept watch outside the tower. Doria made it up the stairs and found an old dwarf that looked very thin and somewhat frail. He was bound in ropes and was sitting in the corner mumbling to himself. She asked who is was while moving over to cut the ropes. He said “You have my stuff?” She replied she did not. He said where is my stuff? She did not know so she asked his name. He replied I am Jeddediah the Elder. Then he told about how he was made a tribute to the dragon who lives in the tower buy the dragon cultists on the edge of town. She cut the ropes and brought him downstairs to meet the others. After asking both Calen and Althea if they had his stuff and then convinced they were not cultists Jeddediah the Elder decided to join the group as they all wanted to rid the area of the cultists. Althea and Jeddediah the Elder could both read Dwarven and saw that on the rusty battleaxe the runes read “Hew”.

Looking at their map they made as straight a path towards the cultist’s cottage. They went through the town square where stood a large wooden statue of a warrior clutching a shield and spear. The statue was leaning to one side. While the figure looked familiar no one was sure who the statue depicted. The continued through the square past an old barracks which looked pretty good for being as old as it was supposed to be. They decided to come back to the barracks once the cultists had been taken care of.

The came upon a small farmhouse that at first seemed to be another empty home but noticed that the doors were shut and the windows were shuttered. This must be the place. Doria said stay here. I have a plan. She knocked on the door and a few cultist answered. She said “I want to join” The cultists were taken back at first asking who she was and what did she want to join. She said that she knew they were cultists and were famous in the area and she knew she had to join them as they were going places and she wanted to go to those places also. They said okay then tie up these others you have with you. She tied up Jeddediah the Elderand began to tie the others but she tied them up very loosely. The cultists called to the back and a dragonborne in mage robes appeared and said so you want to join us? If that is so then why do you have our tribute to the dragon with you? Doria said why have just one tribute when you can have three? The dragonborne said why not have four and ordered the cultists to tie her up as well. Doria tried to bite the mage as he tied her up she missed and he kneed her doing minimal damage. Then a fight broke out as Jeddediah the Elder, Althea and Calen loosened the ropes and attacked the cultists. Althea took down one of the cultists and chased another into the town square finally catching up to him. Jeddediah the Elder attacked the other cultists outside as Doria and Calen went into the cottage to taken on the mage and the other cultists. It did not go good. The mage cast Shocking Grasp knocking Doria out. Calen cast Healing Word on her bringing he back to as he was hit by magic missiles knocking him out as well. Althea having just come back from the town square fed Calen a Goodberry only to see Doria go down again and this time she looked worse then before. Jeddediah the Elder,Calen and Althea concentrated their attacks on the mage and soon he fell leaving only two cultists who were both taken down quick. Calen stablized Doria and then cast Cure Wounds on her bringing her back back to full health. They searched the cottage finding a necklace around the mage’s neck with a small stoppered vial on it, 3 good sized diamonds and a letter. The letter was addressed to Favric instructing him to come down towards Greenest with the others to begin the invasion of that area soon. Another Chromatic Mask had been found and soon the Goddess would came back and rule in Flesh and Flame. The letter was signed by Lady Dragon Rezmir. The group decided they would take this information to Sildar in Phandalin once they finished checking out Thundertree. It was decided that “Hew” would be best in the hands of Jeddediah the Elder. Then they took a long rest and decided to check out the old barracks back in the town square.