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Recap April 28, 2017

There were several buildings that needed to be explored before the group left Thundertree. They decided to check them out one by one. After thorough investigation of each building and only finding one dead body in spider cocoon that had studded leather, a leather pouch and a shortsword on it and another building with an old but still working loom they stopped by the Druid’s house to give him an update on the cultists. The Druid opened the door for them but only let Calen into his house. They spoke in Druidic about the cultists and the dragon and the letter that they found on Favric the cult leader. Reidroth, the druid’s name, thanked Calen for the group’s success against the cultists. He then asked Calen if he would like to join the Emerald Enclave. Calen thanked him and said he would think on it saying any connection to other druids is a good thing. Reidroth agreed. Then he added, as you are on your way to Phandelver, be on the lookout for my brother. We have been looking for each other for awhile. Calen said he would and thanking Reidroth again he went back outside and updated the group on what they had talked about. It was around 3 days journey to Phandelver. Calen checked the weather and saw that a storm would hit in a few hours but he felt they could get 6 hours walk in before so. After walking several hours the skies began to darken both with clouds and with the sun going down. They found a place to camp. As they were checking the area out they found a statue. Or was it? Jed had become increasingly paranoidswore that the statue had just moved. Even though he was paranoid he was correct. The statue had moved. It ended up being Reidroth’s brother Lanoril who had been meditating in this one spot for the last 400 years. Calen and Lanoril talked in Druidic for awhile. Lanoril would slip into Aquan from time to time catching himself and then continuing in Druidic. Lanoril agreed to travel with the group to Phandelver as his time here as finished.

They set up camp and had a mostly restful evening. The storm hit but the camp kept everyone safe. Jed continued to get increasingly paranoid. Calen and Lanoril felt that it was the axe that Jed carried that was causing the paranoia. Calen cast Detect Magic on the axe and it was indeed magic. Calen said we cannot know for sure until it is Identified. Jed felt a little better but was still convinced something was after him. Calen took final watch so he could regain his spells. About 30 minutes before folks were to wake up Calen heard what sounded like a girl screaming off to the south, towards Phandelver. He woke the others and told them what he heard. Everyone agreed that they should investigate the sounds. They followed the trail for the rest of the day finally finding a camp area that seemed to still be in use. They looked around some more and an elf man and woman came out of the woods. Startled at first and yelling do not hurt us! they soon realized that they were safe and immediately asked the group to find their daughter Ella who had been captured by more Dragon Cultists! The elf parents pointed them in the direction their daughter had been taken and the group set off.

The path was rather easy to follow. It looked like Ella had been dragged so by following the drag marks they soon found a opening into the ground. Daria enter the cave opening after checking for traps. She entered followed by Althea and Jed. Lanoril and Calen stayed outside checking for any evidence. They found additional footprints and drag marks going into the opening in the ground. Lanoril finally put on the studded leather armor. Then the group went into stealth mode. Well, almost all of the group. Calen stuck out from the rest of the group so he went last as they entered the opening in the ground. Daria crept down into the ground and soon saw three wolves guarding a room. At the back of the room was another passage leading further into the earth. Lanoril said I have this and cast Animal Friendship on the closet wolf. It did not work and the wolves turned to attack. Althea jumped into combat with her short swords attacking the wolf that Lanoril tried to charm. After her second hit the wolf fell. Lanoril swung with his staff connecting but not doing enough to drop the second wolf. Daria attacked the third wolf bringing it down with combination sword and crowbar damage. Just then two goblins joined the fight. Jed attacked with his axe as he was not paranoid any longer but missed. Calen threw the magic stone that Lanoril had given him at the remaining wolf. It hit and that wolf died. He then cast Frostbite on one of the goblins causing some cold damage and having it be at disadvantage on its attacks. Althea attacked the same goblin doing good damage to it but it did not fall. Lanoril stepped up and attacked again but did not hit. Daria threw the crowbar at one of the goblins but failed to connect. Two men dressed as cultists came from the backroom to join in. Jed went to fight them hitting one of them dropping him. The remaining goblin attacked Lanoril with a solid hit. Lanoril backed away. Calen cast Healing Word on Lanoril bringing him back up and then he cast frostbite on cultist. The group concentrated on the last goblin and the last cultists and soon both had fallen. They searched the back of the cave and found Ella. Althea ran to her side and spoke to her in elvish attempting to calm her down. It worked and the group led her back to her parents. The reunited family was headed to Phandalin and so they all traveled together.

They made it into to town and found Sildar at the Townmaster’s building. They handed him a letter from Dwo introducing them. They then told Sildar all about Thundertree and the dragon cultists as well as the letter they found on Favric. Sildar thanked them and payed them each 50gp that Dwo had promised them. He then told them he would soon be heading back to Neverwinter with Iarno who was one of two captives in the make shift jail room in the Townmaster’s building. Sildar then said, I think you would be of service to this area. Seek out Thoravil the wood elf cleric and his friends. They currently have rooms at the inn but they are away on business. Show them my seal and give them my best when you see them. He hands Althea the seal and the group heads off to the inn to wait for the others to return.