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Recap April 5, 2017

After everyone arrived at the inn Dwo says: “I have been told each of you come highly recommended for the tasks at hand. I need you to travel to the ruined village of Thundertree to check on its condition and to determine if it can be revived into the safe stop for traders before going into Neverwinter Woods. The village has not been safe since before the eruption of Mt. Hotenow over 50 years ago. Go check things out, clean out any ruffians or monsters you come across and then report to our representative Sildar Hallwinter who is currently stationed in Phandlin.

Thundertree is about a days’ journey east of Neverwinter. Take the old Thundertree Pathway. It will lead you right there. Phandalin is around 3 days journey to the south. Take the High Road and then take the Triboar Trail. The road to Phandalin will be on the right. Sildar will either in be in the Stonehill Inn or at Townmaster’s Hall.”

The three set out for Thundertree along the Pathway. They did not have any troubles reaching Thundertree. As they approached the village they could see evidence of the destruction from Mt Hotenow. Gradually the trail became an old, overgrown lane winding between dilapidated buildings choked in vines and brush. Ahead in the middle of the settlement rose a steep hill which stands a stone tower with a partially collapsed roof and adjoining cottage. A dirt road hugs the base of the hill and wends its way between old stone house, many of which are roofless ruins with interiors open to the weather. Other buildings appear more or less intact. The whole place is eerily silent.

The group decided to check out each building as it came along and walked towards the first building on the right. Doria was in the front with Althea in the middle and Calen in the back. The house had no front door so Doria looked in. The crumbled stone cottage had no roof and the entire area was covered in weeds. As the group looked for anything in the cottage, Calen noticed two plant creature he identified as Twig Blights hiding in the bushes just beside the open front door. They did not seem to mind the group being there so the group decided to leave them alone.

The next cottage was just across the way from the first. It too did not have a door. It too was covered in weeds and had a tree in the middle of the building. Doria checked the cottage out and noticing a window she wanted to look out of it. She asked for a boost and Althea helped her up on the window sill. Looking out she saw 6 of the Twig Blights in a large bush just outside the window. These looked mean, looked aggressive so Doria leaped at the closest one attacking it hitting it with a sold strike with her short sword. Althea and Calen could not fit through the window so they came out the frdoor and around the cottage. Althea attacked with her twin short swords taking one out. A Twig Blight attacked Doria with a solid hit. Calen arrived last and cast Shillelagh on his quarterstaff and moved into the fight area and attacked. The two Twig Blights from the first house arrived just after and joined the fight. Between the three of them all 8 Blights were destroyed in no time. Calen then cast Healing Word on Doria and healed her back up to full health.

They looked once more around the cottage and not finding anything left and went into the next cottage which was very close by. Entering it Doria saw a chest in the corner of an otherwise empty room. In it she found a good amount of copper, silver and gold coins. Seeing nothing else they left the back entrance of the house and backtracked to a larger building that resembled an inn. A sign outside showed a horse. The inn was in better condition than the previous buildings they had looked at, it even had a front door. Doria opened the front door and came into a room. There was another door just across the room from the front door. It was the back door and led to a field in the back. There was another door to the right of the front door in about the middle of the room. After doing a quick check of the room, Doria stealthed to the door on the right, she opened it and looked inside. It was a dark room but she could just make out a form in the far corner. It looked like an ash zombie but she could not tell if it was dead or still animated but it looked like it could jump up at any moment and attack. Althea was looking over the top of Doria and she too saw the ash zombie. She was certain it was alive. Doria crept out of the room and motioned for the two others to follow her outside. They grouped outside and decided on a plan. Doria and Althea would stealth in and get the jump on the ash zombie. Calen would stay back and give support / healing as needed. They went back inside. Doria opened the door the and made her way towards the zombie in the far corner. That was when she saw the three other ash zombies in the room. She crept passed them and attacked the one in the corner. She gave it a solid hit damaging it but in doing so it gave off a puff of ash causing her to sneeze and wheeze and cough and feel nauseated. Althea came into the room and attacked the ash zombie just behind the door. She swung with both of her short swords and the ash zombie dropped. Calen came into the room and stood in between Althea and Doria. He cast Shillelagh on his quarterstaff and attacked the closest ash zombie. It fell. Doria finished off the ash zombie in the corner and joined in fighting the remaining zombie. Soon it was down.

The searched the inn, finding nothing they left. They followed the path and soon came to a cottage that looked the best out of all the buildings they had seen so far. In fact, it looked like someone had been taking care of the house and the lawn area around it. Doria listen at the solidly made door. She heard what sounded like an old man mumbling or talking to someone or himself. The voice was low and gruff and she could not understand what whoever it was was trying to say. She knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood an older man who was clearly a druid. He asked who are you? I’m Doria… interrupting her he said who? She tried again to say why the group was in Thundertree but he interrupted her each time she tried to speak. Althea introduced herself. Calen spoke to him in Druidic explaining who they were and why they were in the village. The druid said you better not stay. There is a dragon that lives in the tower. It is not here now but it may come back. I would like for it to driven off but have no idea how anyone could. If it had been home I would not have opened the door. There is another thing in the village that needs to leave and maybe if they go the dragon will too. In the far corner of the village is a house that a bunch of cultists are staying in. They want to talk with the dragon and try to befriend it. Calen asked if they were dragon cultists? The old druid said they were. Calen used his Religious knowledge to give Althea and Doria some back ground on the dragon cultists. They felt dragons were gods and spent a lot of time finding dragons to worship. The ones in Thundertree were more than likely hoping to gain favor with the young green dragon in hopes of bettering their positions in the dragon cult. After getting a little more information about the area the group left the Druid’s house deciding it would be best to check out the dragon’s tower while the dragon is away and then head to the area where the cultists were staying.