Recap August 2, 2019

They decided to go to Calimport and visit the Palace of the Red Pasha. Gilbee really wanted to sail on a boat so they took the portal to Baldur’s Gate to catch the ship that was waiting for them to sail to Calimport. Gilbee’s excitement was short lived as he became seasick almost immediately and stayed that way for the rest of the trip and even after they had landed in Calimport he did not feel right. He switched over to Winter persona and became “Emo Gilbee”. They arrived in Calimport and they went to the market to get some pitas, gyros and other street food. Directions to the Pasha’s Palace was easy to get. The palace being central to the city they could not miss it. They arrived at the gates and were met by a woman that looked to have been waiting for them. She called out to them Are you the Ambassadors from Waterdeep? We have been expecting you. My name is Hazan. I am the chief of the pages and I will be your escort and your guide to the Pasha’s Palace. Please follow me as I lead you to the Hall of Petitions to see if the Pasha is holding court yet.


The Pasha was not holding court but Hazan said that he should be at some point as he holds court even if briefly almost everyday. They walked around some more. Grundy was interested in the Passage of Concubines and Consort. The rest of the group said he can go back on your own time. They went by the Eldritch hall and looked at the paintings. They checked out the Library of Najja and decided to come back there later. The Waterclocks Tower was closed. Hazan said that is where the Pasha meets with his closest advisors. They saw the Petal Court, that holds the grand gardens and the menagerie, where the Pasha’s prized fire salamanders are kept. Gilbee wanted to see the pools at the Pavilion of Roses. Again the group said he could back on his own time. They headed back to the Hall of Petitions and found that the Pasha was now holding court.

Area below the Passage of Concubines and Consorts