Recap August 23, 2019

The genasi guards attacked just as the chains wrapped around Mason, Nameless and Gilbee. Grundy tried to get Mason out but he could never get a good grip on the chains. Gilbee was able to escape only to find himself surrounded by 4 genasi guards. Althea attacked both the genasi and the chain devils. Everyone was frightened at least once by the chain devils but it did not stop them from fighting. Nameless was all over the battlefield with his invisibility cloak and his animated daggers cutting into devil and genasi alike. Soon all enemies were defeated. Mason healed everyone and they set out to explore more of this area under the palace.



They first stopped by the door just down the hall. It was locked. It was a pesky lock but soon Althea had it open and they checked out the room. It contained two bunk beds and a table. Not finding anything else in the room, Gilbee left a deck of cards on the table. Everyone looked at him oddly and shrugged and moved on. They went back to the passageway they had passed at the beginning of the basement. They found a door at the end of it. Gilbee knocked and there was no answer. He slowly opened it and saw:

An empty divan. It looks like someone was dining on fruits, cheese, and bread but they perhaps left in a hurry. Two skulls with glowing red eyes wreathed in green flame hover over pedestals on a worktable of beakers and other arcane devices along the north wall. The eastern door is closed. Two more skulls float along the south wall.

They all spotted Gilbee and began to move to attack him. Mason rushed forward and grabbed Gilbee and was able to shut the door. The skulls did not follow so they went back to the north to follow the hallway.

There was passageway to the west that ended at a door. There was a passageway to the east that turned to the north. Althea checked out the door to the west. It was locked but she soon had it opened. Inside she saw:

Beyond the locked doors lies a chapel The floor of the center is a mosaic, a circle divided into four parts, radiating out. Each section venerates one of the elemental powers, air, fire, earth, and water. A giant-sized statue of iron, done in the likeness of Talos, the Storm Lord, fully occupies the altar in the north end of the room.

She shut the door and told the other it was just a chapel to Talos. They decided to go east and then north. Far ahead Gilbee saw a passageway leading off to the west. Just beyond that hallway, he saw a large circular room, that may or may not have been a forge. They could all see that the room ahead radiated with the heat of a forge. The heat came down the hallway just passed the hall to the west. A huge figure stands at the center of this space, wearing a smith’s apron.


The fire giant called out to them. Hello, what brings you all down here? They talked briefly and it was a pleasant conversation. When the fire giant realized that they were not supposed to be down in the basement he said that they needed to leave. They asked about the dragon cult and he said he knew nothing of them. Grundy using Insight determined that he was lying, so they attacked. He was a hard hitter. They used cold damaging spells on him which convinced the giant that they had the Ring of Winter. Soon, the body of the giant lay in front of his forge. They looked around the room and saw holes in the ceiling act as a chimney. There is a bellows and forge, stacks of iron bars, an anvil, and coal. But they did not find much else. Grundy waited for the giant’s greatsword to cool off and then picked it up and put it on his back.

They decided to go through the door to the north that the giant had been guarding. There was a long hallway to the west that ended with hallways to the north and south. They could see a door just south of the intersection. They followed the hallway to the west. Gilbee sent his ice salamander to the south into a good-sized room and it was attacked by three metals bulls. These must be the ones that they had heard about from the stories about the Pasha. The bulls were aggressive using their horns, hooves and breathing petrifying gas. The ice salamander began to slowly turn to stone. The group used spells and ranged attacks with the help of an earth elemental that Nameless had summoned. Soon the metal bulls lay motionless on the floor.


There was a door to the south that was closed, a hallway to the east and down a short hallway to the west was another closed door. The floor bears evidence of the iron beasts’ longtime presence, the flagstones and walls are cracked and crushed to small stone in spots where the constructs have been.