Recap August 9, 2019


1. Grand Stairwell and room with the genie statues

2. Vizier’s Chamber

3. Vizier’s inner sanctum

4. Guard post

5. Room with the chain devils and the empty cell

6. Chapel to Talos

7. Room with the 3 iron bulls

They moved out of the room with the statues and took the first passageway to the right. The door was not locked so Althea opened it slowly and saw:

The grand vizier reclines with his consort on a divan. They are dining on dainty meats and attended by a male servant. Two skulls with glowing red eyes wreathed in green flame hover over pedestals on a worktable of beakers and other arcane devices along the north wall. The eastern door to the vizier’s bedchamber is open.

She attempted to close the door slowly so as not to disturbed the vizier but she heard, please do come in. Gilbee pushed passed her and kicked the door open. The vizier was not happy at this and asked what was his meaning for doing this and rose up to cast a spell. Gilbee tried several times during the fight to get the vizier to drink some Immortaltea. The vizier finally did and it healed him. Meanwhile, the vizier was casting high damaging spells on the group as well as commanding the flameskulls to attack. 3 more flameskulls came out of the bedroom to join the fight. The vizier took a good amount of damage and then suddenly disappeared. They defeated the rest of the flameskulls and then looked into the bedroom.

A richly appointed luxury bedroom with pillows and perfume. The room contains a chest at the foot of the bed and harp of exquisite craftsmanship stands to one side of the bed.

They decided to leave everything as they had found it and just look for any sign of the dragon cult. Some of the group felt that since the vizier had attacked them that he was a member of the cult and maybe so was the Pasha and now the vizier was telling the Pasha what had just happened.

They moved on down the hall and made a left down a passageway and examined the door to the left. The door was locked. After Althea picked it and they opened it they saw two bunk beds and a table.

They left and continued down the hallway that ended at a door. The door was no locked. Slowly opening it they saw chains of innumerable length hang from the ceiling like spider webs. Three creatures wrapped in lengths of chain adorned with blades and hooks stand in the room. In the room’s southwest corner is a 10 ft by 10 ft empty holding cell made of steel bars.

The chain devils moved in for the attack by animated the chains in the room. The group easily took the chain devils out.

They went back to the main hall and then took a left till they came to another junction. They decided to go left again and followed the passageway to another door. The door was locked. Althea picked and they slowly opened the door. Inside lies a chapel. The floor of the center is a mosaic, a circle divided into four parts, radiating out. Each section venerates one of the elemental powers, air, fire, earth, and water. A giant-sized statue of iron, done in the likeness of Talos, the Storm Lord, fully occupies the altar in the north end of the room.

The checked out the room. Most of the group did not want to get close to the iron statue and the altar but Grundy went to admire the workmanship. The statue was well made but Grundy did not see anything special about it so he moved away from the statue and the altar. The group heard metal on metal grinding and looked up to see Grundy being attacked by the now animated iron statue. The statue breathed poisoned hitting everyone that was in the room. It swung its huge sword hitting Grundy and Mason. They decided to take the eastern door out of the room and leave the statue alone. Mason went last and the statue breathed poison again. Mason took the brunt of the attack and he dropped. Gilbee ran back to Mason and scooped him up and into his Heward’s Hand Haversack. Gilbee forgot that Mason had a Bag of Holding on his belt pouch. A rift opened up with a portal to the Astral plane pulling Mason, Gilbee and the iron statue into it with the portal closing behind them. They had been transported to random areas on the Astral Plane. Althea told the others what she knew about twp extradimensional pockets coming into contact with each other. Their friends were lost and they were not sure what to do. Nameless got an idea.

Meanwhile, Gilbee was alone at some random location on the Astral Plane. Not seeing Mason or anyone else from his group, he took out his fey compass and determined the closest fey gate and started making his way in that direction.

Thousands of miles of away still on the Astral Plane, the iron statue was falling through the Astral Plane forever and ever until it slammed into the deck of the Vlaakith’s Bounty, a githyanki planar raider spelljammer vessel causing an explosion and fire on the top two decks.

In another part of the Astral plane, Mason landed on a substantial cloud and took his last breaths.

Nameless said let us start over and taking out The Fates card he could erase one event as if it had never happened. The remaining group talked it over and they would have never left Baldur’s Gate by boat to go to Calimport. Nameless used the card and suddenly they were stepping out of the teleportation circle in Baldur’s Gate that Lady Laeral had provided for them. Gilbee said I want to go by boat. Mason said we do not have time, we should take the flying carpet. It will be quicker. Althea said she would buy Gilbee a boat if they want by the magic carpet. He agreed and they all boarded the magic carpet. It took 5 days to arrive in Calimport instead of 10+ days if they had gone by ship.

After arriving they went to the market to get some pitas, gyros, and churros. Directions to the Pasha’s Palace was easy to get. The palace being central to the city they could not miss it. They arrived at the gates and were met by a tall muscular man. I am Metin, and the court’s athletic director and a gladiator by trade. They asked how a gladiator could be free. He said that all gladiators are given a portion of the winnings and over time all could potentially buy their freedom. Metin then said I am your welcomer and your guide. I imagine as ambassadors you would like to see the Pasha but I am not sure if court is in session. We can check but I can also show you around the complex while we wait. They did decide to stop by the Hall of Petitions to see if the Pasha was in court but he was not. Metin took them around and showed them the sites.

1 a ) Purple Worm Gate, a grand entrance to the walled compound; the rear gate is the b ) Kobold Gate

2 Courtyard of the Oliphants, parade ground for welcoming dignitaries

3 Compound of Cats, the chapel of Sharess, goddess of lust, free love and sensual fulfillment.

4 Wheel House, garage for carriages, vehicles and stables

5 Passage of Concubines and Consorts, apartments of the harem and the priestess.

6 Eldritch hall, a portrait gallery of the great mages venerated by the city

7 Library of Najja, an extensive collection devoted to history and magic

8 Hall of Petitions also called the Great Hall, where the pasha or vizier holds court; notable for a motif of flame and fire in paintings and decorative mosaics

9 Temple of Humble Triumph, devoted to the worship of Illmater, the god of endurance

10 Moon Court, the private apartments of the pasha, his family, and the vizier

11 Petal Court, the grand gardens and menagerie, where the pasha’s prized fire salamanders are kept. Metin said that the Pasha dotes on his pets but do not underestimate their prowess in combat.

12 Kiosk of the Stargazers, a domed observatory used by astronomers and astrologers

13 Waterclocks Tower, a chamber with a broad table where the pasha meets with his closest advisers

14 Minaret of the Magi, a tower devoted to the study of magic in all its forms

15 Coinhouse, blockhouse that serves as treasury and armory

16 Dormitories of the Pages, the barracks for the household staff

17 Pavilion of Roses, a courtyard featuring the Fountain of Forgiveness, royal baths and the college of seamstresses

18 Eunuch’s Gate, the entrance to the inner courtyard, harem and inner palace.

19 Gazelle Run, the gate to the inner compound

20 Kitchen complex, a row of stone buildings also referred to as the “Royal Spoon”

(see the map from the recap from August 2nd)

They went into the Library of Najja to see if they could learn anything about the history of the dragon cult as well as more about Calimport and the Pasha. Metin had told them this tale about the Pasha:

When the genies were overthrown, there was a confrontation in the streets. The Red Pasha confronted Gharafeto Silvertongue, a dao or earth spirit, that had been among the most cruel of the genie masters, for his appetite for the precious metal was legendary. Gharafeto pleaded for mercy, lying prostrate upon the earth. “I will grant mercy if you will serve me!” the Red Pasha said. “I swear!” Gharafeto replied, and bracelets and shackles of fire appeared upon his wrists and ankles. It is rumored the Red Pasha has tasked the dao with guarding his greatest treasure.

They found some information about Severin as this was his hometown. He had been driven out of town due to his being involved the dragon cult. But it did not look like he was the leader of the cult while still in Calimport. That must have come later. They also found out the Pashas’ real name is Sunduk of Najja Sabban, thus the name of the library they were in. Gilbee wanted to see the pool but they were not given entrance to it. They went to see the Eldritch Hall. They saw a painting of the Grand Vizier who and it seemed he was the only powerful mage still alive at least of those who had paintings in the portrait gallery.

They headed back to the Hall of Petitions and Metin told them that court was in session. They got in line. In front of them was Kelebek one of the priestesses of Illmater there at the Pasha’s. As she was not invited to the Court today she had to stand in line like everyone else to speak with the Pasha. Behind them was a servant to one of the wealthy families in Calimport. He ended up talking to Jael who he confided in that Emine, protector of the magisters and a knight to the Pasha had been assassinated and that it was being kept secret by the Court for some reason. She had not been seen in several tendays.

It was not too long before they were before the Pasha. He welcomed them and asked about Waterdeep and that he hoped to visit there one day and to meet Lady Laeral. He has only communicated by letters and the Grand Vizier’s spells. He then asked them as ambassadors from Waterdeep what was their business in Calimport. They told him that they knew Severin was dead but that the dragon cult may have a cell in Calimport. Ee replied that how did they know that he was dead. They said a reliable source told them. (I cannot remember who told you all this. I remember that he is with the Raven Queen in some capacity.) Severin was exiled from the city several years and has not been seen since. If you do find evidence of the dragon cult back in the city please let me or my vizier know and they will be handled. He dismissed them and they went into the town to find lodgings for their stay. They figured they would potentially be around for at least a tenday.