Recap July 19, 2019

As they made their way to the dormitory, Gilbee found an amulet that displays your current health as a green bar above your head, with the bar retracting as your hit point total decreases. He put it on so the rest of the group would know for certain when his health was getting low.

The dormitory was built from the same scraps as the other buildings of the monastery. On the inside, each of these dormitory cells contains only a bed, a trunk for personal effects, and a table. All are crafted of scrap parts from the complex mechanical detritus of the monastery, and feature residual buttons, dials, and meters that have no discernible purpose. The walls here are covered in graffiti, suggesting a steady series of new residents over long years.

As they entered 10 elder monks stepped forward. The group tried to reason with them saying their leader had been killed but the monks did not listen and moved to attack. It did not take long and soon the monks were defeated. They kept one monk alive and after a long conversation they convinced him to give them a tour around the monastery buildings. He told them that the other building that looked like a dorm was really a prison. Any prisoners not working in the engine room or mining the ore fed to the engines are kept there, as are any prisoners that are sick or injured but still able to move under their own power. As well, prisoners deemed too dangerous to work but too valuable to kill are incarcerated here, where the monks attempt to break their wills and return them to servitude. They searched the rooms and found 64gp and three uncut sapphires, each worth 50gp. They also found a map showing the route to a cache of stolen goods hidden near a thieves guild in a large city buy they could not figure out what city it was.

They entered the prison. This area is lined with boxlike metal cells, all built of the same strange materials seen elsewhere in the monastery. Most of the cells are empty, but shouts and a sound of creatures hammering on locked doors are heard from a few. A man shouted out to them. Said that he was in a cell down the hall. He had 4 others with him. There were 5 others in the cell across from him. The group saw 3 odd acting prisoners, each in a separate cell. Two ignored them but one came over the cell door and breathing strangely, similar to how Grundy did when he was raging. The prisoners they helped escaped said that it was close to time that food was brought so Gilbee slid some rations under the cell door.

They told the former prisoners to stay here while they check things out.

Their monk guide did not want to go to the Leatherworks. Something there traumatized him but he would not talk about it. They went on to the Engine Room. This massive chamber is filled with the deafening hum and roar of machinery. Piles of rough rock ore are spread throughout the area, around which a prisoner work gang toils in the sweltering heat. Smooth metallic columns rise to the ceiling, with open hatches set into their sides at ground level. Haggard prisoners frantically shovel ore into these hatches, which pulse with a deep-red glow. The prisoners were happy to be let go. The group told them to go to the dorm where they had send the other prisoners to get some rest and get something to eat.

They decided to go to the furthest area that the monk guide had mentioned. The monk called it the Controlled Room. As with other names around the monastery, the name made little sense.

Entering the building:

This area is a maze of damaged controls and broken machinery. Countless wires twist their way across the walls, erupting from control panels that have been pulled apart to lay bare their internal components. Five clear canisters connected by metal tubing and wires line the walls, each one filled with viscous fluid—and what appears to be a humanoid brain. They heard loud clanking similar to the noise from the Engine Room. A metal creature, looking like a cross between a metal golem but smaller and animated armor (think Big Daddy from Bioshock)was looking through the piles of junk. It stopped short and turned around and saw the group. It said in a metallic voice “Gets’em boys!” And it raised a large axe that was attached to its right arm. Its left arm held a flamethrower. On its back was a small crossbow

Several goblins with vials of strange chemicals appeared from the makeshift hallways. The goblins were no match to the group but they were able to throw alchemical fire and overall be a nuisance while the Powered Suit attacked with its greataxe, the crossbow and flamethrower. The greataxe and crossbow also did fire damage. Nameless cast Haste on Thoravil and then concentrated spells on the powered armor. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians and was able to affect the goblins and the powered armor. Althea cast Lightning Arrows and continued firing on the powered armor. Grundy focused on the goblins before attacking the powered armor. Mason healed the front line fighters and used his crossbow against the powered armor. The goblins were defeated first and soon the powered armor made spectacular noises and tipped over on its side.

Thoravil and Grundy were the closest and heard from the powered armor:

“Yeemik no longer on fire.”

Thoravil called Nameless over and said I think we just found Yeemik. They looked for a hatch similar to what they found on the back of the Grand Master. They saw bolts along the back and down the legs. The looked like they were holding him inside the armor. They did find a way to take off his helmet. They saw a scarred many times over goblin but they could tell it was Yeemik. Most of the scars looked like fire damage but there were other injuries, some older and some newer. They decided to look at the armor closer. Thoravil wanted to give Yeemik a proper burial. So, they put Yeemik and the suit into the portable hole.

They then looked around the room. Down one corridor they saw a monodrone fitting the description The Carophile had given of Gearbox. Gilbee was able to get Gearbox working again. Gearbox was thankful for their assistance and was even more happy to hear that they were from the Cartophile. He was not sure who the Black Spider was but he said there are some things I can do. Follow me. He walked over to a bank of dials, monitors and keyboards. He removed a cable from somewhere on his body and hooked it into the bank. A low hum started and several lights on around the monitors came on. A soft light underneath the 5 jars containing brain came on and a quintet of voices said “Greeting travelers. How may we help you?”

They were able to ask the brains questions about the monastery, the Black Spider and Kwalish. Each of the brains knew something about the area:

1. Alton - Knew the true, evil nature of the monks and the Grand Master; the story of how the Grand Master first came to power. He controlled the Dormitories; can lock and unlock the doors there 2. Broderick - The story of Kwalish’s escape from the monastery; the existence of a second lab. Controlled the Engine room 3. How the treasury is protected by an antimagic field. Control room; can activate a force field to seal off that area from the rest of the monastery 4. The true nature of the monastery as a crashed planar craft. he was also a member of Kwalish’s original expedition. Central abbey 5. The existence of a map to Kwalish’s second lab, and its location in the treasury. Prison and leather works; can lock and unlock the doors there

The Leatherworks was the place where the flayed faces of monks and prisoners were created. The Engine room kept planar craft flying. The original fuel source was long gone but now all sorts of items were used to keep the fires going, including ore from the mines and the depleted batteries they had found with the force pikes.

Kwalish had tested gate to the Nine Hells and that gate had gained the attention of a bone devil. The bone devil traveled to Kwalish’s laboratory and took it over for itself. Kwalish managed to escape but left much of his lore behind, while the bone devil spent the years that followed converting the place into a dark monastery and establishing its own cult. The original bone devil met its demise after Kwalish’s exile, when it was drawn into the laboratory’s machinery while trying to convert the planar craft into the monastery. This rendered the devil into the treasury’s brain in a jar. That brain in a jar was carried off by some explorer and has not been seen since.

There is a floating bridge to the Treasury. It is suspended hundreds of feet in the air. Each disk is identical to the effect created by a Tenser’s floating disk spell—a circular, horizontal plane of force 3 feet in diameter and 1 inch thick. The disks are set in a line and spaced 5 feet apart. If any disks are deactivated, a not-insignificant leap is required to cross the empty space between them. Each of the Brains controls two of the disk. They said they would not turn any of the disks off when the group decided they would go.

They had seen Nezznar come through 2 weeks, 4 days 17 hours from then. They were not sure where he was now but they had not seen him come back to this room. He had been looking for something that was not directly related to Kwalish so the brain were not too helpful in his search.

The group asked about the anti-magic field and if the brains could remove it so they could enter the Treasury. The brains could but it would be temporary with the field going back up in 4 minutes.

The group set off for the Treasury. This solitary building is set atop a small floating islet within an area of open space punched down through the main body of the monastery’s island. It is held aloft on its own sputtering engine, and is largely filled with a heaping, tangled mass of wreckage. This consists of old machine parts from other areas of the monastery, broken relics of Kwalish’s earliest experiments, dead energy cells, and the like.

Inside were more piles of trash but they could see on the left of the entrance a desk covered in papers, journals, maps and other documents. Also, on the table was another Brain in a Jar.

“Greetings” it said. “I am Kwalish and it is so good to see you. Would you happen to have a spare body that I could transport into? If not, I know of one that I would like, that is if someone could kill the Grand Master. “

“He is already dead” they replied.

“Oh good. Then please retrieve the body and bring it here and then we can go from there”

They were not sure they wanted to have Kwalish in a body let alone the one that the Grand Master was in. They told Kwalish that the bone devil was not what it seemed and after describing it Kwalish said oh, I designed that. I wonder what it was that was controlling it. Still, that is a good body to be put into. Please bring it here.

Grundy said we do have it. The rest of the group shook their heads but it was too late.

Kwalish said that is fantastic. That saves a trip.

They decided to bring the exo-skeleton over close to Kwalish. He said thank you. This will not take long. The transfer complete, he let loose several bolts of chain lightning and was able to dmaage the entire group.

The group was mad. They put their full attack on Kwalish but still the mage stood their taking their hits and handing out more. A cloud of poison dropped from the ceiling make it difficult for the group to breath. A Bigby’s Hand grabbed Thoravil and lifted him in the air but its grasp on him did not last long. Althea tried to cast Lightning Arrow but it was dispelled. Two Inferno spiders came out of the darkness along with four giant spiders. They all pressed their attacks while trying to bring the separated persons back into a small group but they were not able to do so. A spell tried to effect Thoravil but he was able to shake it off.

Suddenly Nameless hood of his Cloak of Invisibility was thrown back and he was no longer invisible. They all heard a voice echo around the room. “You all have learned much.” Nameless caught movement out of the corner of his eye and a saw a cow-sized spider clinging to the corner wall behind him. He ripped off two stars from his robe of stars and cast Magic Missile at the spider in the corner. The spider dropped from the ceiling and transformed into Nezznar, the Black Spider. He immediately cast Chill Touch at Thoravil. Kwalish dropped soon after as died the giant spiders but the inferno spiders were still fighting. Everyone ignored the inferno spiders and focused their attacks and spells on the Black Spider. Soon, Nezznar, the Black Spider was defeated and his dead body lay on the floor of the Treasury.

Nameless opened the Screen and called to Flynrich. They showed him the body of Nezznar and then told him about Yeemik. They told him what they had found out about Kwalish. They then examined his body but it had dissolved into a goo that Mason was able to identify as a component to a Simulacrum Spell or a Clone Spell. The original Kwalish must be dead if that was a clone. Mason then told the story of The Manshoon Clone Wars where 12 of Manshoon’s clones came to life at the same time and all started fighting one another each believing that it was the true Manshoon. If it was a simulacrum, then Kwalish may not be dead.

At the desk they could see the journal, maps and documents that the Cartophile was looking for including the map that show to how to get to Kwalish’s second lab. It looked to be located in the mythical city of Daoine Gloine. They gathered up the documents to bring to the Cartophile. They then asked Flynrich about fuel that would keep the planar ship flying. He said he would look into something that would be longer burning as he and the others did not want to leave any of the former prisoners at the monastery.