Recap July 26, 2019

MacKenzie wanted to get rid of the curse she received from the Deck of Many Things. But only a god or the magic of The Fates card can end this curse. And she did not want to use her Fates card. She wanted to use that to fill in the missing years she had so she could know more about herself. She talked to Mason and to Thoravil. Thoravil talked to Correllon but he said the same as Bahumet had said, she has the means to do it herself. Thoravil explained why she did not want use it so Correllon said in that case, you can give up some of your life essence (lose a level) in order for it to be removed. Thoravil spoke Mason…Will you do what I asked you earlier? Mason said yes. They both used a wish to ask for the Sun card from the Deck of Many Things to appear in Thoravil’s hands. (Using both of those cards, Thoravil gained 100,000xp and was 20th level.) He then asked for divine intervention and it it automatically succeeded. The curse was removed and Correllon did not seem that too ticked off about Thoravil had done. Thoravil had served Correllon for a long time faithfully.

Flynrich told them about the following types of things that could possibly be used for fuel for the engine of the monastery:

Two types of coal. Anthracite, which could be used to fuel non-vented flames such as braziers; and bituminous coal (charcoal), which needed to be ventilated to burn properly. Would take a lot. There is the mine. They would need to figure out a way to get and then set things up.

There is a blood-red coal but its primary use is that it could transport users to Avernus in the Nine Hells. Probably not the best idea to use this type of coal.

An ever-burning fuel-less hearth are known but not sure if they would be enough to keep things powered

Log of everburning - an enchantment spell that could keep a wood fire burning brightly for many hours without consuming the fuel.

Everburning oil, also called Greek fire by knowledgable wizards, was a mixture of oil and other substances designed for use in combat. It was easy to ignite but difficult to extinguish, and had a tendency to stick to anything it hit.

They would need a lot of any of these fuels.

Another possibility would be a fire elemental or elementals. An elder may be about the right size to fuel it. Or two myrmidons. They could summon one but it would only leave in an hour. They could got the Elemental Plane of Fire. The efreeti, Ishe, may would help them. They had his business card so they could get in touch with him. Someone mentioned that dragons could breathe fire. Would that be an option. Mason prayed to Bahamut and told him their idea and asked if that was possible and they only had about 23 hours. He said he would look into it. That probably a bronze or a gold dragon would be the best to take on such a task. And they may strike up a friendship with the sphinx.

The plan got more intricate. They had to have fuel supply. There was a mine but no one to work it. Mason said, Waterdeep is full of guilds. We can find out what guild this would fall under and see about hiring some miners. It was determined that the Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers would be able to handle hiring miners. It took awhile and would have taken longer if they did not have access to a documancer but soon the documents were drawn up and wages set. They would need around 50 or more miners to work day and night working in shifts. They would be paid 5 gold a tenday. They would need foreman. They talked to the Old man who was a prisoner at the monastery and he said yes and he convinced a dwarf to help as well. They would be paid 2gp a day or 20gp a tenday. They also went to see the The Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors to see about hiring someone to cast Teleportation Circle twice a day so the miners could come back home once their shift was over. That would cost 700gp a day. They would build a tavern and possible an inn and would charge adventurers to enter the unexplored areas of the Barrier Peaks. They would have their own version of the Yawning Portal. The guild found 15 miners that were willing to start that day. They teleported over and met with Miclas the Old (human) and Braner Bluntbuster (dwarf) the two new foreman of the mines. It was the last minute before Bahamut found a dragon. It was a gold dragon named Adi. She would be paid in gems that were at least 100gp in value which they had plenty of.

Once they got that off the ground (think about it) they talked with Flynrich about the documents that Nezznar had on him that were not anything to do with Kwalish. Some of the notes read as follows:

“Light must be snuffed, perfection decayed, order dissolved, and minds fragmented”

“Channel power to the Chained God, so he can break his chains. Retrieve lost relics and shrines to the Chained God. Pursue the destruction of arcane magic which will lead to the obliteration of the world, this universe, then the multiverse, in anticipation of the Chained God’s liberation and ultimate reign.”

Focus on the spinning dark spiral of decay, as the madness creeps

For the first time I could imagine that my clumsy gropings after art were a little more than faint cries lost in the unlistening void. HPL

333 Gems

destroy All

It was as confusing to Flynrich as it was to everyone else. But it did find into the destruction of arcane magicks that Flynrich had been researching. He would look into things and be back in touch with them if he found anything.

Gilbee did research on Nezznar’s Demiplane Key. He knew it was attuned to a specific demiplane. He just needed to figure how to access it. He got lucky and was able to use the key to open to Nezznar’s personal demiplane. It looked familiar but he could put his finger on it. Nameless looked in and said this place reminds me of Flynrich’s place, just smaller and creepier. There were bookshelves and tables. Over in the corner was a desk covered in papers, books and scrolls. They all were about this chained god and how finding it would bring about destruction of the multiverse. Beside the desk was a clay tablet. On it was a language but they were not sure because no one could read it. They showed it to Flynrich who said he would add these to what they had already given him to look over.

So they went and fought an elder fire elemental to fight for the fun of it. Well, not really. The fire elemental streaked across the battlefield and squeezed in between them doing fire damage to them all. They all moved away from the creature and Nameless cast Wish and then Tsunami which completely drowned the elder fire elemental.

They finished the fight with the elemental and then Flynrich contacted them and said he found a crude map of the Sunset Mountains within the documents from the both the demiplane and the treasury room at the monastery. There were coordinates pointing to the southern part of those mountains and it seemed that Nezznar had been there several times and was planning to go back once he finished what he was doing at the Barrier Peaks. The group decided they should go check things out. They would need to decide if Nezznar’s secret place in the Sunset Mountains would be first or would they head to Calimport to see about taking care of the remnants of the Dragon Cult.

Thoravil decided he would stay at the monastery island to oversee its operation.