Recap June 14, 2019

The group looked at the 3 slots in the wall another time. Adding more coins did not do anything. Thalaniel cast Etherealness to see if he could get a better perspective on things. He could move through some of the walls but in other cases he could not just like he could not see through some of the doors and walls. He could not see or move through the adamantine door with the 3 slots.

They decided to back-track to see if they missed anything. They went back to the room with the two tapestries but did not find anything. They searched the mummy preparation room but again did not find anything. They put the key in the third vat but that did not do anything. They went to check out the room with what they called the fake lich. The room had changed since the last time they had been in there. Thankfully, the fake lich had not returned. They did find another jade coffer. Inside of it was 3 potions of cold resistance.

They went back to the chapel to check things out. They looked around and again, nothing was found. They went back to the Hall of Orbs. Thalaniel still being ethereal found a secret door at in the northwest corner of the Hall behind the golden orb. He followed the passageway into a room.

This small room holds what appears to be a statue of a gargoyle, eight feet tall, with four arms. One of the arms is broken off and lies on the floor in front of the statue.


Thalaniel checked the statue out. He noticed that there was an indention in each of the hands remaining on the statue. They were each about the size of a gem. They had gems in their Bags of Holding so they put a gem in the palm of each. The hands each crushed the gem into powder which then fell from each hand into the floor. But nothing else happened. They looked around the room one more time but they found nothing else. They decided to head outside of the tomb to remove the curse from Grundy and Althea.

Gilbee read over the riddle again. He said I want to go to the intersection with the two dead-end. The one with the passageway to the east that leads to the grotto room. The group agreed and they set off. While Gilbee looked the dead-end to the north, Thalaniel went to the grotto room to see if the room looked different while he ethereal. He noticed that the mist looked the same on both side of the Ethereal Plane. Gilbee found that the dead-end wall was a false wall that opened up in another passageway. He let everyone know and they followed him north until they came to a door on the east wall.

Following the corridor they came to set of double doors to the north. Both doors had to be pushed in order for it to open. Another 20ft north there was another double door to the west. Gilbee pushed the doors open to this room and a rush of gas surrounded everyone but only knocking out Gilbee and Mason.

They tried to wake up their friends with spells and potions but nothing worked. Thoravil decided to kill Gilbee as he was the easier of the two to heal with hopes that he would regain consciousness. It worked and Thoravil gave him some healing. (I cannot remember who Mason was woken) As they were looking around for secret doors they found three levers on each wall of the room. Three of them pulled the levers and they suddenly heard a rumbling and a trapdoor in the ceiling of the room opened dropping a large stone boulder that started to roll towards the group. They were set up like bowling pins. Using quick-thinking and the Master Key to cast Passwall most of the group was able to move out of the way. Except Gilbee who was rolled over and crushed him. The boulder continued to roll and then vanished as it hit the wall at the southern end of the corridor. They looked and saw that the trapdoor had reset. They decided to move out of the way to set the trap off so they could see what was in the area the boulder dropped from. They found nothing so they moved on. Searching along the passageway where the double secret door and wall was they found another secret door leading off to the west. The corridor sloped down and it went from stone to a dirt tunnel. They followed it and soon it was back to stonework. About 25ft to the east there was another adamantine wall with 3 slots in it identical to the one they had found before. They were at a loss. They were not sure what to do now. Suddenly, Grundy said it looks like blades/swords could fit perfectly into these slots. Three of them did and the wall became a door and then it swung open leading into a large pillared room.

You look upon an enormous chamber colored in pastels. A forest of massive, many-hued columns support the ceiling.


They could see a large object to the south but the pillars made it so they could not figure out what it was. They followed the wall south and then to the east until they saw

Contrasting with the pastel colors of the floor and pillars of the hall is the stark blackness of the huge dais on the south wall, atop which sits an obsidian throne inlaid with silver and ivory skulls.

There was an open area in front of the dais and throne so they went there to see if they could get a good look at the front.

Upon the throne rest a crown made of gold and a scepter made of electrum, with a gold knob on one end and a silver cap on the other.

Thalaniel came out of etherealness and went to check out the crown and scepter. He picked up the scepter and nothing happened. He picked up the crown but did not put it on his head. Again, nothing happened.

They decide to follow the south wall to the east.

Strewn near the southeast corner is a heap of charred bones and skulls, plus the crisped and blackened remains of clothing and gear, arms and armor-a thoroughly awful and frightening sight. As they got closer, they saw a huge, orange glowing gem at the center of the destruction.


Thalaniel used Detect Magic on the gem and it gave off a strong aura of conjuration so strong that he got the vague feeling that the Wish spell was somehow involved in the gem’s magic. Thalaniel really wanted the gem. He let the others know that he wanted to use it to try to bring the sea-elf woman from the grotto room back. Grundy agreed but the others were against it arguing that that magic could be used to try and stop Tiamat. Thalaniel and Grundy agreed that Tiamat was the greater threat but they both still wanted to try to bring the sea-elf back at some point.

They went to the north. In the northwest corner and the northeast corner about 25ft above the floor were devil faces almost identical to the one they had encountered in the first main hallway. The one in the northeast had a tinge of blue over the green. They flew up to check them out and noticed that about 20ft above the floor there was a slight breeze that was gently pushing floating object either to the west or to the east. They concentrated on the door in the center of the north wall. It gave off a faint glow, lilac in color. They went to open the door and the light change to a bright and sickly purple with tinges of green. Once they opened the door

They saw a bare chamber, with a small door on the north wall, and pairs of swords crossed behind shields hung upon the walls. There are three such sets on each of the walls to either hand, and two sets on the north wall, one flanking each side of the door.

Gilbee entered the room and three pairs of swords and shields attacked him. Thalaniel flew up to assist him and he was attacked by another three pairs of swords and shields. Gilbee ignore their attacks and went to check out the door on the north wall. He opened it and saw it led into another room to the north. Seeing only a fountain and some skeletons with old armor and nothing else, Gilbee did not enter the room but turned around and left and then took the broom back down to the floor. Thalaniel stayed up top and went to check out the northern room. As soon as he entered the door slammed behind him and a voice echoed all around him:

“You who dared to violate my tomb now pay the price. Stay here and die slowly of starvation, or open and enter the door to the south, where certain but quick death awaits. Whichever you choose, know that I, Acererak the Eternal, watch and scoff at your puny efforts and enjoy your death throes.”

Thalaniel looked around and found 15gp, 15sp and 15pp scattered around the room. He also found a potion of diminution, and a +l flail.

Thalaniel had told them to come for him after 7 minutes if he did not return. They waited 7 minutes and then went to check on what had happened. The swords and shields were all gone. They went and opened the door and Thalaniel came out and rejoined the group.

They went back to the dais and throne to give that area another search. They discovered a small replica of the crown inlaid in silver on the lower front panel of the seat. The crown was too large so they looked at the scepter. The silver end of the scepter looked to fit the silver crown replica. As soon as the silver end of the scepter was applied to this inlay, the throne sunk down and revealed a 5-foot-wide passageway that leading south.

They followed the passageway down a series of steps that got wider as they went up. They reached a landing and saw

The walls of the area ahead are untarnished and gleaming copper panels set between rare woods inlaid with ivory. The ceiling is silver, formed so as to reflect and amplify light brought into the place. The chamber widens to the south, where a set of gently sloping steps leads upward. The six steps, from nearest to farthest, are made of onyx, pink marble, lapis, black marble, yellow serpentine, and malachite.

As they got closer to the steps they saw on the black marble step was a large, cylindrical key, made of bronze.

Gilbee went to pick it up but he as he came close to it he wanted to get as far away from it as possible. Mason went and was able to pick it up.

At the top of the steps were two huge doors, 14 feet wide and 28 feet tall. They are made of solid mithral. Where the handles to open the doors met, at about waist height, was a cup-like depression, a hemispherical concavity with a central hole. It looked like the second key they had found may fit into it.