Recap June 21, 2019

At the top of the steps were two huge doors, 14 feet wide and 28 feet tall. They are made of solid mithral. Where the handles to open the doors met, at about waist height, was a cup-like depression, a hemispherical concavity with a central hole. They inserted the gold end of the electrum rod that they had found in the pillared hall just behind them. It fit and the two large door opened up revealing a

This imposing chamber has a silvered ceiling, just as the foyer has, so it is brightly illuminated by reflected light. The walls are of ivory with gold in laid. The floor is pol­ished a gate. In each corner stands a statue of black iron, easily nine feet tall That to the northeast stands with a saw-toothed two-handed sword raised to strike; that to the northwest a huge, spike- ended mace; to the south­east the sculpture holds a wickedly spiked morning star, and the one in the southwest has a pole-arm Near the center of the room is a large bronze urn fili­greed in gold. A thin stream of smoke issues fro m a ti ny vent in its brass stopper. On the southern wall stands a granite sarcophagus that appears to be damaged. Flank­ing the sarcophagus are two large iron chests.


Mason checked out the bronze urn. The stream of smoke continued to rise from the urn so he went to put the stopper into the top of the urn. It was heavier that it looked but he finally got the stopper in. It dropped in and gave an echo like the urn was larger on the inside than it should have been.

Grundy went to look at the damaged sarcophagus and Althea followed him while Gilbee and Nameless investigated the statues in the four corners.

Examining the lid of the sarcophagus reveal that glyphs spelling “ACERERAK” are inset on it in platinum. It looked like that the platinum could be removed. As they got closer they could see into the sarcophagus. bit of a wooden inner shell, a few bones, destroyed jewelry (the stone and gems pried out), torn bits of robe and winding, lots of dust, and a broken staff covered in arcane runes.

Not seeing anything that interested Grundy he walked over to the chest to the west of the sarcophagus. It was a massive box and it was embed­ded into the stone. He could see marks of prying, battering, and similar treat­ment all over the chest. He tried to lift it and it would not move. He tried to open it and it was locked. He then went and tried to remove the pole-arm from the statue in the southwest corner but he could even get it to budge. Not sure what to do he looked to the others for any ideas.

The group examined the statues but they did not find anything. They decided to go back to the room with the keyhole in the middle of the floor where when they put the First Key into it gave them bludgeoning damage and pushed them back 5ft. They found that the passage they had come from no longer had the doors that they had come through. There were only walls where the doors had been. They were stuck and had to go back to the sarcophagus room.

Althea went to the large chest on the eastern side of the sarcophagus. She decided to pick the lock on it. She did and the chest opened and there was another lock. She went to pick that one but was not successful and she felt a tiny needle stick her finger and she could feel the poison start to work. She recovered and tried again. After the second lock was picked she found a third. Once the third lock was picked the chest was open and inside was

10,000 gems. With her elf knowledge she estimated that each worth at least 50 gp, each. She grabbed one to make sure it was real and then showed it to Thoravil. He was not sure if the should take them or not. Althea then went to the chest on the western side. After opening another 3 locks she found 10,000 platinum pieces.

They decided to leave both chests alone. They decided to check out the urn again thinking that there may be a secret passage below it. He could not move the urn so he removed the stopper from the top of it. The smoke once again started to come out of the urn but this time it formed an efreeti. He looked around at the group and spoke to Mason.

“Thank you for doing that. While comfortable to an extent in there, it is always nice to out and about. In appreciation, I grant you my 3 wishes.”

The group stopped in their tracks when they heard this. Things could suddenly be better real quick. They first asked if they had to take them all right now. No, they could wait and do them later. They pondered if they could make Tiamat disappear. The efreeti said no that her magic was more powerful. Grundy mentioned the sea-elf woman but the group was against that, at least for now. They would think on it. The efreeti said that he would be in the urn if you needed him. That once the stopper was put back on the urn would be light enough to lift. Once they knew that putting the urn into a bag of holding was dangerous, Mason picked it up and put the urn in his bag of holding. They continued to think about what to do with one of the wishes. They decided that one of them would be saved for when they went back in time - they would wish to have all of the dragon mask in their possession. They would think on it some more but first they needed to find the Orb of Time. They decided not to use a Wish to locate the Orb. They were not sure what magic was in this place and feared things would go wrong.

The group decided to take the lid off of the sarcophagus. Althea assisted Grundy but they could not get it to move. Grundy helped Althea and again it did not move. Mason assisted Thoravil and it started to move. Pushing and hefting the lid fell over on the east side of the sarcophagus. The movement vibrated the sarcophagus and a shattered skull rolled out and fell apart, leaving bone bits and more dust. The group searched all around it, inside of it but they found nothing. Gilbee and Nameless went back to looking at the statues. Althea climbed into the sarcophagus and laid there for awhile listening to the others talk about what to do. Gilbee used his Wand of Wonder on the the southwestern statue covering it in darkness.

They decided to take the platinum and gems from the two chests. It would all fit in their Portable Hole.

Althea said let us try to move the statues. Let us start with the one in the northwest corner. It took some effort but the statue toppled over revealing a ring pull in the western wall. She grabbed hold of it and pulled out a section of the wall. Setting it to the side she saw a chute leading down into an area. It was lit but she could not see what the room looked like below. She and Gilbee went toward the opening but Thoravil stopped them and told them to look at the other end of the block that had been removed. There were three slots in it. Were they back at the entrance to the pillared hall or was this back near the keyhole in the floor. They all went down the chute and found they were at the area with the keyhole in the middle. Gilbee inserted the Second Key and turned it once. Nothing happened. He removed it then put it back in and turned it twice and again nothing happened. They tried the scepter but they were once again damaged. It had to be the Second Key that Gilbee had originally used. He put the key back into the keyhole and let it sit there. He then turned it three times.

As he finished turning the key, the floor begins to trembled, and then abruptly it started to rise toward the ceiling. They moved out of the way and soon the rising of the floor in the southern part of the room revealed a mithral vault. There was a door in the center, with a ring set into it. Althea pulled on the ring opening the door.

A low, dust-covered bench was near the back wall of the vault. On and around it were an abundance of items. Rest­ing on one end of it is a human skull. The skull had two large gems into its eye sockets a more smaller gems along its forehead. Several of them said do not touch it, do not go anywhere near that skull.


They scanned the room quickly looking for the Orb of Time. They saw one object that was orb in shape. Althea went and picked it up. Suddenly the dust in the room began to swirl, forming into a man-shape. The group prepared for battle. Grundy walked over and picked up the skull. The rest of the group saw his soul be removed from his body as his body collapsed to the floor. The skull levitated and began to cast spells, Ray of frost and shocking grasp. Then came other spells. Some were blinded, some were were cursed to make all of their rolls at disadvantage, others had their hit point maximum reduced. Using arcana they knew that if their maximum was reduced to zero they would die. Others had a combination of the three effects above. They had to get out of the tomb.

Althea attacked the skull but missed each time. They had the Orb, they needed to get out of the tomb. They passage they had come in was now closed off. They could teleport but they knew that demons would appear and attack them.

They decided that Thoravil would cast Plane Shift and they would try to go to Flynrich’s plane. It was one that he knew the best and liked the least. But they could not go back to the suspected layer of hell. The feywild was an option but Thoravil did not know there was as well as he did Flyrich’s. He shouted for everyone to get close to him. Gilbee shifted to Autumn and was able to charm some of the group to stay near him. The rest of them made their way close to Thoravil but they were not able to get Grundy’s body before they left. Apologizing to Grundy, Thoravil cast Plane Shift. At first it seemed to work but they each heard Acererak’s voice cursing them. And when Thoravil saw each one start to disappear one by one he knew something bad had happened. (They had been teleported in random directions 300 miles away from the tomb)

Thoravil found himself alone in a forest. It looked familiar. It had to be the Reaching Woods, home of gnoll kingdom. He cast sending to Nameless and asked where he was. Nameless was already back in Waterdeep after being at the foot of the Sunset Mountains. Thoravil said that King Malandrach knew where the Reaching Woods were and with that information they could get Thoravil to Waterdeep. While waiting for the teleport, Thoravil contacted the others.

Althea was just outside the city of Elturel. She could see destruction on the far side of the city that looked like remnants of the Spellplague.

Gilbee was heading to the beach. He guessed he was 100 or so miles from it but he could see the ocean in the distance.

Mason was in Thay. By his surroundings, he guessed he was maybe 100 miles from the border but about 2,500 miles from Waterdeep. He told Thoravil that he was going use a prayer bead to cast Windwalk and begin heading towards Waterdeep. It would take maybe 2 days to get there. As soon as he shifted into gaseous form and begin flying, someone on a broom began flying after him. He guessed it was a red wizard of Thay and not wanting to stick around to find out, he raced towards the border. He made it out of Thay and close to when the spell ended he found a forested area to land, one where he felt he could be safe. He realized that no one followed him once he crossed the border out of Thay. As he traveled those two days, he saw lots of destruction that got worse the further he traveled west. He saw groups of dragon cultists but they were always in smaller groups than before Tiamat had come back. He did not see any dragons.

While he was traveling, each of the members of the group were found and teleported back to Waterdeep. Once Mason had arrived, they discussed their Wishes. They decided to phrase a Wish so that they would have back all that they had lost in the tomb including any health and ability scores. It worked and it also brought back Grundy. They used Arcana and Medicine to make sure that Grundy had not been turned into anything sinister. he had not. They welcomed their friend back and caught him up on what had happened. Then they turned to their treasure that they had taken from the tomb. The 10,000 gems that had looked to be worth 50gp each were in fact each 1gp quartz and the 10,000 platinum was really just copper pieces.