Recap September 13, 2019

They told the Pasha that they had his back and then they all moved into to attack the Vizier and his minions. The Pasha sent his salamanders in to fight and after casting a few spells he turned invisible. Most of the minions were easy to defeat. There was a mix of fighters, casters and healers and they worked well together. The Vizier was all over the battlefield casting damaging spells while levitating near the ceiling. Once the majority of his minions fell, the Vizier disappeared also. They heard the Pasha’s voice in their heads. You finish up here. I am going look for the Vizier and we are going to have words. Well, no. I am afraid I will have to kill him. They looted the bodies and then headed up the northern passageway to the set of huge double doors. They tried to open them slowly but the doors swung up fully to reveal the room beyond.

This grand pillared hall features all manner of artwork, from banners to tapestries to frescoes depicting the might of the Cult of the Dragon. At the altar, rising above and looming over the room is a massive statue of Tiamat. However, there are great cracks and rendings that mar the statue. Two of the heads, the black and the red have broken off and now rest at the foot of the statue. The alcoves are filled with nests of eggs of dragons and dragonkin. Four of the cult’s dragonkin stand guard over three of the nests. A dragon skeleton, fulling moving as if alive, occupies the center of the room, attended to by a young green dragon and a female mage adorned in purples and reds. Also, there was an orc, an ogre mage, a frost giant and a night hag each in one of the corners of the grand room.

The dracolich smiled and motioned for the attack.