Recap September 20, 2019

The dracolich smiled and motioned for the attack. Nameless cast Time-Stop in conjunction with his magical time piece and using sorcery points he was able to get in 5 rounds of action. He summoned berserkers, two of every kind of elemental, cast mirror image and ended by casting Sunburst dealing radiant damage to all. (I know I left something out). They group focused on the two dragons with most of the damage being done to the dracolich. The orc, ogre mage, frost giant and night hag were all illusions. The dragonkin hit hard but did not have a lot of health. The green dragon and the dracolich used their breath weapons and frightful presence on the majority of the group. The green breathed poison while the dracolich breathed a mix of necrotic and lightning damage. The green dragon fell first muttering about her children and not being able to defend them. The dracolich continued to bite claw, claw with a tail swipe in when it could. Soon, it too was defeated. It fell to the floor saying “You have not seen the last of me”.

They looked around for his phylactery but could not find anything. They did find a sun sword in one of the alcoves. On the female mage they found a Wand of Fireball and a deck of 25 cards. Around the green dragon’s neck was a wrap of deep blue with a high collar that accentuated her frills. Thalaniel took it and it shrunk down to his size. After examining it and using Arcana the group determined it was a mantle of spell resistance. The dracolich did not have any items on him. The dragonkin had regular arms and armor. They went down the long corridor to the east in the north of the room. There was a locked door. Thalaniel picked it and inside was:

An archway bisects this room, extending out from the walls and ceiling of this chamber. The stone archway is engraved with symbols reminiscent of certain celestial alphabets.

Between Mason, Stumbleduck and Thalaniel they figured that this archway was a planar portal. Mason could see where the portal was opened to. It was the Plane of Fire and off in the distance he could see a large city. It was the City of Brass. He then saw another signature, one that was closer by. It was the archaelogical dig they had been two a few days before. They were confused now but decided to check out the other rooms that they had not seen yet.

One was a classroom that had a door leading north. Inside was a number of bunk beds. They went back to the hallway with the undead beholder to check out the final door. Thalaniel used his monocle to cast Truesight. He saw just beyond the door:

The first thing your eyes focus on is the ancient stone sarcophagus set onto a stone slab in the center of the room. The sarcophagus is crudely cut stone, though the lid seems to be snuggly fit. Great iron bands that must have been used to secure the sarcophagus against tampering have been cut away and lie on the surrounding ground. On a shelf nearby are resting nine sealed canopic jars of carved limestone. In contrast to the authentic looking sarcophagus and jars, the rest of the room seems artificial. Walls have been painted white and enscribed with hieroglyphics.

It looked very similar to the archaelogical dig. They opened the door and Thalaniel cast Detect Magic on the sarcophagus. It was not magic but items inside were. Using Truesight he saw inside the sarcophagus:

a staff of , a ring adorns the left hand, a harp is cradled in the creature’s right hand and a rod or wand had been set into the stone recess above the creature’s head. At the creature’s feet is a box.

Thalaniel wanted to open the sarcophagus but the others said this is a great ancient king, Hiamshet. We cannot defile it. Plus, this could be some of the Pasha’s doing. They decided that the sarcophagus and the canopic jars needed to be returned to the tomb outside of town. Nameless cast Telekensis on the sarcophagus and they pushed it down the corridor and through the planar portal back to the tomb and the sealed it all up.

The Pasha spoke with them again in their heads. The Vizier and a few of his minions had escaped but would be caught in due time. The Pasha would be more careful in the future. He did have the group to thank for rooting out the cultists. He gave them all 500 platinum and buffed their armor into Armor of Silent Moves, you gain a +1 bonus to AC while wearing this armor and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently. He then said that they would always have a place to stay at his palace and would have access to the planar portal as long as they asked the Pasha first if they could use it.

The group wanted to go shopping but before they went, Thalaniel asked if they would go with him to Skullport to see about retrieving a magical house of some kind. It is at a pawnshop in that city called Thimblewine’s Pawnshop. They knew the town existed but first, they needed to know how to get to there. They said their goodbyes to the Pasha and headed back to Waterdeep to give an update to Lady Laeral.