Recap September 6, 2019

They looked around the room and not finding anything they decided to take the corridor to the west.

The 10-foot wide, 20-foot long hallway stops at a closed door of worked stone, which has a carved figure of Talos in relief on the surface. The walls are perforated with tiny holes.

Mason and Stumbleduck checked out the tiny holes and saw that there appears to be carbon scorches on the top half of each tiny hole. Mason and Stumbleduck looked around and Mason found a pressure plate that they were standing on directly in front of the door. Nameless sent his Earth Elemental to stand on the pressure plate by going through the wall. Mason then walked back out of the hallway telling the others to move out of in front of the corridor. Everyone was safe when the flames erupted from the tiny holes but the earth elemental was caught in the inferno. Shortly, the fire stopped and they decided that they would explore other ares of the basement.

They went north and examined the first door on the left. It was locked. Using one of their Chimes of Opening, they opened the door and saw down 20ft corridor:

This room contains an assortment of oddities and trinkets, and an assortment of dogeared and spineworn books stacked haphazardly on a shelf. A bed that is nestled in the wall when upright, has been lowered, and contains a sleeping figure in robes of stars and planets.

The figure was sound asleep. Gilbee went to check out the books. He found one on the history of Calimport that was not focused on the Pasha. He found another that was on riddles and puzzles. He gave that one to Stumbleduck. He Messaged Nameless and asked him to look at the patterns on the robe the figure was wearing. It did not match Nameless’ Robe of Stars. They quietly closed the door and continued north.

Mason went to the door to the south of the bull room. The door was unlocked so he entered and went 20ft and then turned to the west. He saw another door. It was also unlocked. Inside was: A giant-sized statue of iron, done in the likeness of Talos, the Storm Lord, fully occupies the altar in the north end of the room.

He closed the door and went back to let the others know. He then looked down the corridor to the east of the bull room. He saw a large silver vein running the course of the hallway. About midway down he saw:

a figure of earthen might and adorned with gems, but floating upon a cloud of dust, kneels in meditation in a chapel set into the wall.

He recognized the creature one that they had encountered in the maze to gain entry the Dragon Cult wizard tower. He turned around and

There was a door immediately in front of them and a corridor to the east. The door was locked so they used the Chime of Opening. Inside they saw:

This room contains the essentials for a short stay, bunk beds, wash basin, foot locker for personal effects and a small table with two chairs. A dark-haired human woman wearing loose, simple desert clothing sits at the table, reading by lantern light.

She looked up and asked who are you? They said we are adventurers. She said her name was Sofi and all she remembers is being blindfolded and brought here and being ordered to stay until summoned. The crazy mage and the steel bulls unnerved her, so she stayed in this room. The crazy mage sometimes brings her books but he still scares her.

They decided that she needed to be taken out of the basement but it was a long trek out. She would stay with them until they could get her out. They went down the hall to the east and saw a door to the north. As they approached the door, a secret door opened on the south wall and three Oni, large blue skinned, giant like creatures peaked out and saw the group on the hall. They slowly smiled and began to move down the hall. They did not get far. Cerridwen cast Entangle on them. Vines came out of the walls and floor and grabbed hold of them and would not let go. She then cast Faerie Fire giving her companions Advantage on their attacks. Mason followed that with Spirit Guardians. With a combination of spells, ranged attacks and melee attacks, soon the Oni were defeated.

They decided to check out the secret passage. There was a set of crude stairs leading down 20ft or so. Then a crude tunnel going another 50ft. It ended with a wooden door. Mason opened the wooden door and he was at the far end of the Marketplace. He called for Sofi and asked if she knew how to get home. She said he did and then they led her to the door and she ran off into the darkness.

They went back to the door to the north back in the basement. Inside was a set of stairs going down.

As they descended, an alert guard patrol comes down the 20- foot-wide hallway to greet you. One of the guards knocks on the door on the right and an authority figure steps out as well.

The guard patrol was made up of four half dragon soldiers. Each one of them had a hell hound on a leash.

Out steps a large woman in plate mail armor and carrying a long sword. She must have been over 7ft tall. They could see a pair of dark wings on her back. They had seen these before. She was an erinyes, a fiend who served Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus. Cerridwen noticed that the sword had a coating on it. It was more than likely a poison of some type. She let the other know to be careful.

She speaks “Greetings…you do not belong here. Make them suffer.” The half dragons and hell hounds moved forward. Mason who still had Spirit Guardians up moved so that he could get almost all of them in a 20ft radius. They all took damage but the erinyes took less than the rest. Grundy moved forward and attacked the closet hell hound. He was right behind Mason. The two closest hell hounds and the two closest half dragons all used their breath weapons getting Mason and Grundy covered in fire. Mason was also attacked by the erinyes with her long sword and it was covered in poison but with the resistances he had received from Nameless, the damage from the poison was minimal. Grundy was attacked by the half dragon in the back’s heavy crossbow. Jordy stepped forward and cast Prismatic Spray on the group focusing on the erinyes. Using Careful Spell Mason and Grundy were excluding from the effects of the spell. Two types of rays effected them, acid damage and lightning damage. All of the hell hounds dropped as well as two of the half dragons. They concentrated on the half dragons first and once they dropped, they focused on the erinyes. Soon, all of the guard patrol had been defeated.

Kareem took the erinyes long sword. It was a nice sword but it was not magical. They went to the door she had come out of. Inside was a bed, stool and small table. They looked around briefly and did not see anything else and they left. To the west was another door. The door was not locked. Inside they saw:

On the west and north walls are two pair of bunk beds stacked two high and there is a kennel cage in the southeast corner.

The room was otherwise empty.

They went on to the north and took the corridor to the east. They found a door on the southern wall. It was locked. Using the Chime of Opening, Mason slowly opened the door and saw:

Kept chained to a stake in center of the room is a dragon, its scales the color of burnished brass. It was small, about the size of a large dog.

The wyrmling brass dragon spoke in Draconic “Stay back or I will breath Sleep on you!” Mason replied to him in Draconic, we mean you no harm and showed the dragon his holy symbol of Bahamut. It switched over to Common and said “My name is Kitikawing and really I just want to go home. I miss my Mommy.” He went around the group asking each of their names. He liekd some of them better than others but was friendly to these who he knew would rescue him. The group knew they had to get him out of there as quickly as possible. Kitikawing alluded to bad things that he had heard would happen to him but he did not go into detail. Mason used the Chimes of Opening to unlock the manacles around Kitikawing’s neck. They led him back to the secret entrance to the marketplace. Cerridwen cast Pass without a Trace to they were able to move about stealthier. As soon as they were in the marketplace, Kitikawing flew off, thanking them both in Common and in Draconic.

They went back to west and found another door on the southern wall. The door was not locked. Inside:

A wood trap door covers a stone ring set into the floor that is about 20 feet in diameter. The door appears locked by an iron bar and handle mechanism.

Gilbee shrugged and started to leave. Mason said if we can open it we should take a look at what is behind the trap door. They removed the iron bar and lifted up the entire wooden trap door. Inside was a pit of roughly the same size as the stone ring with a narrow stair leading down. The stairs are damp and the dank smell is very strong. The smell of old water.

Several of them descended the stairs carefully.

The bottom of the shaft is a pool of brackish water 10 ft. deep. Directly opposite where the winding stair ends, there is a shelf set into the wall that rests just above the water line. On the shelf is a cage of iron bars that is bolted to the wall and the shelf.

The cage was empty. They did one more look around the area, finding nothing, they left.

They went back to the crossroads and headed north. They made a turn to the west and found a door at the end of the hallway. Opening the door they saw:

Robes of various factions and ranks within the Cult of the Dragon hang on hooks. They were all different shades of purple. They had seen these robes on dragon cultists in the past. There are two laundry tubs in one corner. There was a corridor to the north. They each took a set of robes and put them on. Grundy and Kareem did not find one that fit. Stumbleduck hid under Namless’ robes.

They came upon another door on the west wall of the passageway. Opening the door they saw:

This room contains a primitive toilet over a middens and a lavratory.

Continuing north they saw a indentation in the east wall of the passageway.

A guard post is nestled into the hallway. A creatures looks like a large head, one “dead” eye in the center, a maw with two rows of razor sharp teeth and with four eyestalks branching out, hovers there.

Gilbee approached the undead beholder. The creature bubbled in some odd language. The only thing Gilbee could make out what the word purple. The beholder nodded and let the group pass.

There was a door to the north and a door to the west. The door to the west was locked. After using Chime of Opening they saw:

This room contains a plush array of pillows and scented flowers. The scent of sweetly burning incense hangs heavy in the air. A female humanoid in servant’s clothing is busy arranging the room. To one side there is a writing desk stacked high with papers, books and correspondence.

The human girl is surprised by them but remains as calm as possible. The servant says she is to remain here until She returns. They ask who is she? My mistress. Some of the group thought she meant Tiamat. She warmed up to the group a little. Nameless told her that they were adventurers looking for the cult. She said that her name was Casril and that she was not sure where the cult was now, probably deeper into the basement. Casril then said, my father would pay well for my return. They had found another captive. This time they put her in a Bag of Holding and using Pass without a Trace, they got her out to the marketplace. She asked for a escort. Nameless produced a Giant fey Goat and told the goat to make sure she gets home. As she was leaving she asked how can my father get in touch with you? They told her they had a manor house in Neverwinter. Inquire there.

They went back to the room they had found Casril in. After a search, Jordy found a chest with number of assorted gems. A drawer in the desk contains a potion of invisibility, a potion of supreme healing, a potion of vitality and a potion of speed. He took all of these items.

He also saw the large stack of papers and pointed them out to the others. Nameless said we can come back and look at all of this once the basement is cleared. They talked briefly and decided to go back to the large double doors they had seen back towards the middle of the basement.

They arrived back at the crossroads and standing there with three fire salamanders was the Red Pasha himself. He looked at them and said “I must ask, what are you doing in my basement…”

Appearing behind him was several people that they had met while exploring the Pasha’s palace. In the middle of them stood the Grand Vizier. Each of the folks were armed and looking to be ready for a fight. Stumbleduck noticed that they all had one thing in common, they each wore something that was purple: their socks, or wristbands, or a scarf. The Grand Vizier begin to speak over the Pasha.

“You have seen to much. All of you, especially you, Your Excellency…I mean, you Efreeti.”

The Pasha turned around to face the Vizier, anger in his eyes.

What would the group do? Side with the Pasha? Side with the Vizier? Or remain neutral?