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Important NPCs

Georges Moens

Owner of the Hotel Lafayette, Georges Moens worked with the Belgian resistance during the German occupation, helping downed, Allied pilots escape to the coast or later, to Allied-held territory. Once the Allies pushed through Belgium, he offered up the hotel to serve as a field hospital. Though not much of a soldier, Moens has shown remarkable poise and courage throughout the Nazi occupation. He is also a skilled chef and has learned some rudimentary first aid skills.

Brigitte Peeters

Being a beautiful young woman in a war zone is especially dangerous. It attracts the wrong kind of attention, sometimes with tragic results. So it was for Brigitte Peeters, only 19 years old when the Nazis invaded Belgium. She won’t discuss her past, but her haunted appearance suggests an atrocity was committed. In any case, she has seen more suffering and death than anyone her age should have to. Nonetheless, she is a strong woman who is handy with a knife or a pistol. For several months, she had been working at the Hotel Lafayette as a barmaid, while secretly assisting Georges Moens in his resistance efforts.