Blackburn Halo mine

Enter and find laser turret. Lock it down so can’t fire. All doors locked.


Room to the West, lots of containers, equipment storage, with the names of companies:

Smaller containers with more complex parts:

Room to NW has more mining control type equipment in. Facility not more than 10 years old? But parts are not that old. There is a mobile spectrometer testing unit - mineral sampling and testing unit. Records show it has been taking wide range of samples on the planet. Found lots of intesting minerals - and some results similar to Adamantium. Concentration levels only 0.03 percent, except for one location - suggest mining there. Further records show pLanned evacutaion completed on date 14-09-72, system placed in hibernation, awaiting re-occupation 9 months after (when planet’s orbit brings it back to warmer season)

Room to N was room that is securely locked, Corto cracks it. The room contains secure files. Corto opens them and disables the silent alarm before it can lock down the complex. The file says “Despite precuations, H Jones and B.Small taken by the Xenomoprhphs. 3 other members placed in induced comas so they don’t talk, will be removed offworld as soon as possible”

The Marquis spots an incoming ship signature, and receives a message “You are instructed to vacate the atmosphere immediately”

The Marquis chats to the other ship….

Corto downloads all the files he can, even log and admin files, and the encrypted medical ones, and covers the team’s tracks. On the map, he also finds a secret passage in the facility!

The air raft comes in for pick up. As the team is waiting to board it, they see large dust columns 4-5km away, that seem to be getting closer. Another column appears about 1-2 km away. As Armitage gets in the raft, he see’s a huge beast about the size of a house!


As the raft lifts, the beast spits and something sticks to air raft, hardening. It badly damages the hull and affects the anti grav. Under Sir Arthur’s oders, Bart pushes the airraft past its safe ceiling to get us out of there, and then brings it back to the complex and into a hangar that Corto opens the door to.

Back on the console, as two beasts close in, Corto blasts one with the base lasers, and the other dives into the sand. He then finds a manifest and locates spare hull panelling and anti grav units in the complex. They need to be collected from two seperate areas, and will take 8 hours at least to fit.

As more and more systems wake up from hibernation, there is a warning for an ionised sandstorm that will hit the complex in around 3 hours, making communication impossible.


Retrieve Anti grav units, down secret passage find an office. Take all files. Attacked by bugs in corridor, blow them up with grenades. Get back by skin of teeth.


Corto realises there is a lower level, finds access to it and cameras but no plans. We access it, use chief engineers passwords (reset), and begin to explore, leaving glow sticks as we go. By this time, the bugs have cut off each module above ground from the others, and the house sized bugs are in the tunnels. The Panels are in the NE module


Somewhere between the NW and NE module, there has been a cave in and the passage is blocked with rocks. A side passage leads up into the central area, and a small hut. No help. WE cut into the ducts, and awkwardly get into the SW corner of the NE module. The panels are near the hangar, and Armitage sets up a flashbang tripwire to alert them if anyone comes in from the above ground tunnel direction. There is a hole in the roof of the long room next to the hangar, and sand is blowing in. Whilst Morle and Sir Arthur shift the panels, Armitage sets up a lethal trip wire, and covers their slow retreat to the tunnels


As they reach the room with stairs, clanking sounds can be heard, and all the doors start to open. Corto can’t get them to lock, and they hear a boom as the trip wire goes off. Armitage waits at the door until Morle is out the room, then chucks a grenade and palms the door shut as bugs start pooring in. It slows them enough to get into the tunnels, but then they start dropping in behind them. Armitage takes out the first with his SMG, the second as it almost reaches him, but the third jumps on him and claws at him - luckily Morle nails it with a point blank burst and they get out of the ducts.

They rush as fast as they can with the awkward packets, getting into the room below the control room. Corto can’t lock down the doors, and George and Bart prep heavy equipment to dump onto the trap door. Armitage and Morle take out 2 more bugs as they come through the ducts as Armitage, then Morle climb out, leaving Sir Arthur’s armour to protect him from the 3rd. As he climbs out, the trap door is slammed shut and barricaded.

With the tunnels temporarily blocked, we turn our attention to the house sized bugs that can interdict the space around the base. Morle proves his worth yet again, and destroys shoots 2 house sized ones with the base lasers. We dust off before attaching the panels, watching as dust devils approach and swallow the base as we climb painfully slowly in the air raft as Corto curses not having a chopper.

Atop a rock outcropping in the glacier, we fit the panels, then make it to the RV with the Salamander. Dr Ntesh is typically scathing about the dead specimens.

The Marquis explains that a scout cruiser held him up. Planet 2834 is now restricted, on the order of the Subsector plenipotentiary Baron Harlon Ducoute. The Captain of the scout cruiser thinks it’s a waste of his time and resources to be here. He likes the Marquis though and they have a nice dinner.

Examining the base records, Ntesh says they lost men during the warm season, trying to extend mining as much as possible.

Sir Arthur creates an algorithm to go through the data have found, and comes across several interesting invoices in the data from companies we have heard of: Watanabe, Hess and KTN

Whilst we are analysing, we head off for the possible wormhole location in 2344 or 2433, via a Jump-2 to 2634, where we have info that some Bio specimens may be located that we shall try and take alive. For a change.