Doomsday fleet

Ucas says we should have jump drive up in 3-12 hours

George says sensors picking up more with less Jump drive output, it is the Garretson

Dropship, 4 egress. 2 in combat armour, 2 in cloth. Blow the door and rush in.

Armitage moves up, possible guy on watch up above

Armitage follows and sets booby traps - red is lethal, purple is non lethal. Top of the lift shaft with a ladder held with a big explosive bolt with a remote detonate.

Can hear some air hissing, then a klaxon, then cursing “You shut it off!”

Armitage goes down the ladder, then some stairs. Large hex room, white tiled floor, bit canteen like. Flickering lights, and an abandoned gurney with blackened sludge oozed on to it. Bandages, self sealing pads, discarded around - not ancient.

Armitage continues after setting a trap. Decon corridor, flashing red, word contaminated flashing up. Door in front closed. Open, close, keypad. Cover on one side, hiss as door opens, Armitage in cover. Opens door, sees Light Machine Gun on floor with casings all over the place, barrel deformed. 1-2,000 rounds fired all over the room, still a 500 rounds box full.

“Comrades Poor sanitation can lead to greater downtime! Be vigilant!”

Book on a barricade, “Treat your rifle like a lady”

Corpse in SE room, dessicated, pistol on floor. Spray painted on wall is “Goodbye Bluesky”. Control panel/desk in there….Armitage can’t get it to talk. Environmental controls maybe? Not security. Could have done something about lighting and klaxon. Corpse has a bullet hole in side of head.

Wailing on other side of door in South.

Morle turns up, lots of paranoia. Take the lift to SE of library, open doors. 2 overheated LMGs and 3 ARs, lots of ammo. Bullet holes on our field of fire. “Get some fuckers”, spent casings, potassium flares

Hear screams and shots fired, then silence. Head to NE, trail of blood from a hatch in the floor. Follow trail, past the shaft w bars welded across (blasted open, propped up, fine cord leading down) into room, one person leaning over another slumped against the wall…turns, it’s head is almost blossomed open or exploded, like an orchid, with teeth, feeding on the corpse of one of the 4 that went in (wearing cloth). It advances on Morle, who wipes it out.

The Nightmare was wearing fatigues, probably somewhat old. Skin is pink/orange, maw was leaking pus.

Found an office with 3 grenades “no room in hell”, spent casing, opaque window wall to corridor.

Head down to next level, corridor “You’re already dead”

Oil painting of a strange dog like creature on the wall…bit abstract, blurry, very good. Probably worth a lot of money.

Grenade in the freezer door, take the blast door to break room. Inspirational posters for post apocalyptic army?!?!? in an autocratic government. Old fashioned compass on the floor….? Key ring with a physical key on it. Some dehydrated meals.

Looking back, painting hiding something. Rig charge above, then on to next hall/room, some beaten in metal lockers. Armitage’s key fits one. Playing cards, colony ship brochure (Armitage takes it), a codebook, and a shredded set of fatigues -sliced up, perhaps with a knife? More meal packs around, some sludge

Morle and Armitage freak out and hand control to the Marquis. He orders the blast door breached, enter room full of cubicles. One corpse sitting in a chair, drone up. Broken monitors, trash cans, files on printed plastic. Corpse is an officer, braids on shoulders. Door in SE corner open to control room? Armitage starts checking files, admin matters. At dead guys feet is massive gold plated pistol, not seen anything like it with name tag “Tek Moosh Grimaldi”, SS Defiance on shoulder. Probably self inflicted wound. Rifle through documents, something of interest - corroboration necropolis providing power to island. Also documentation on SS Defiance Captain. 2 squads of 20-22 mercs, plus crew of 4 officers and 4 ratings, not large cargo but valuable.

Interrupted by gunfire and screams, sounds of “fall back fall back!”, leave drone in room and shut door. Drone gets hit by stray gunfire, see 3 orchid heads bundle in on a guy in combat armour…maybe one wearing a robe or a dress. Antenna coming out of its forehead? Or stalks or horns? Crystals protruding from parts of body. Another one wearing a bright disco violet suit, and where its eyes should be, antlers. Another one wearing a business suit, and flabby skin, otherwise indistinct.

Camera still operational, looking in the corner. Hear mournful notes and the sound of active machinery. Armitage’s background in electric guitar lets him pick out the notes….

D, A, Bm, G, D, Em, D, A, Bm, G, D, Em, A, A, G, D, A, then a different klaxon sounds. More insistent, shorter delay between peaks. Gunfire still going on but finishes by time klaxon going.

Put a drone through the N airlock, see the elevator has gone down. Grizzly sight…body in combat armour smashed against the wall and ripped in two, torso off to one side. Beastie over the legs of the guy, wearing the bright violet suit. Taken a grenade to the chest, missing 2 foot hole in his back. Means 2 bodies in here, 1 in combat armour, 1 not.

Armitage Heads down elevator, Morle jumps down slope, go round machines. Send drone in, gets fired at by guy in combat armour. Helmet off, laid on large cylindrical device on a grav sled. Fission device.

System lockdown…30…29…28….

NE door opens to a swarm…mash control panel, opens SW door, Grav APC….as they advance.

Armitage shoves the bomb towards the APC and inhales Faster, Morle fires and falls back through the doorway. There is confusion as Armitage tries to throw ballbearings and they go everywhere, but the 2 of them ride the bomb into the APC, Morle crushing Armitage under his armour. Armitage gets the APC started, as Morle struggles with two mutants, hitting them with ACR fire but not downing them. They claw him ineffectually, as Armitage starts moving and pulls a revolver and blows one’s head off. The remaining behemoth manages to bite through Morle’s armour, and hurts him badly - he falls to the floor, mostly inside the APC, as it climbs over the bomb towards Armitage. As he is hurtling down the dark tunnel, Armitage takes aim, fires, and his bullet rips the spinal column of the mutant out.

With immediate threats taken care of, Armitage patches into the comms, and makes contact w the Salamander. It looks like the tunnel heads towards the Defiance. Luckily, he reaches the end, and can open the doors, before the faster wears off. George grabs the bike, Gauss Rifle and SAMs and plots an intercept course. The drop ship is on the move, and it will be tight timing wise. Armitage convinces the dropship that he is the last surviving Merc “Miles”…

Back to the city, George picks up unconscious Morle and Armitage (after trying to board the moving APC on the grav bike). Slaved the APC gun to Salamander and Ucas, smoked the drop ship and it incinerated it.

Dr Ntesh give Morle an adrenaline shot, which gets him up, but it goes badly and he will crash later and his recovery is impaired. His strength and endurance are at risk, and he may flake out over next 3 days. Stress is probably OK, but physical exertion or combat environment risky.

Discuss options using Defiance as bait, ups odds for get away from 10-15%, to 70-80%. Away team has control of flight but not fire control. Morle in APC overwatch, George and Panda on bridge, Armitage roaming.

George gets enough control for 2 shots. Slave the Defiance for a collision course, program the APC to head off south broadcasting voice of dead merc. Garretson lands, and waits…5-10 mins. Maybe drones out?

Marquis fires up the Defiance. Get it airborne with some power surges. Ucas gets a firing solution, the Marquis orders the shot…both hit home! Impacts on hull, but no serious damage. The APC heads off, Panda brings the Salamander up…seconds tick by, laser bursts arc out at the Defiance. Both shots go wide as the Defiance hurtles towards the Garretson and it attempts to lift off…the explosion knocks it off course and gives time for the Defiance to plough into it. Think the hull is holed in a couple of places, and 1 turret is out of action.

Ucas fires twice and hits, causing a fuel leak and slowing the Garettson down. They return fire and also cause a fuel leak. Shots are traded, we slalom…and impact on a ship! Slicing open the left side of the Salamander, losing pressure in the cargo bay.