Down the Choke

Angus gives us 3 decrypts:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Only chance of getting the info is from a group of crypto anarchists in the old part of Prospero’s Dream, they take ridiculous risks, they are the only people that can do something it.

Go down, start wading through the sludge. Wave separates us, attacked by wild dogs, beat them off. Lost Panda, follow him down a sinkhole with retreating signal. Find old train w exploding bugs, blow them up. Transparent wall, people behind, go throuhg. Negotiate w the Anarchists. Kill the Giant Space Hamsters, get the intel.

Why was this bit of the Dream Abandoned.?

“Deidre” says we need our supercomputer back on line, it’s buried, and we can’t get to it. Toxic sludge has resulted in the hamsters chewing the cables, so we need to get rid of them.

“Joe” comes with us, with a plas-steel door, a backpack of insta-concrete and toolbox.