Gecko: Estimated sale price 10 million CR, one pulse laser, two missile racks and two sandcaster/defensive measure pods (integral). Pilot and co-pilot, can take 10 people or 5 tons cargo

1 tonne is one metre cubed of water. The inside volume of the ship is somewhat larger than the 5 m3, but thats the weight it can take and still manouevre within limits both in space and in the atmosphere. There is usually some tolerance around this, but only if you can get most of the weight near centre of gravity. Yes, computer. There is a hatch (iris) for piggy backing off the Salamander. it doesn’t have an airlock though, (cockpit is self-contained, so you can de-pressurise cargo/PAX area for EVAs

Added 1 15mm multi-barrel Light Autocannon for doorbays on Gecko, auto (burst mode, 50 rounds) or rapid fire (25 round burst), 200 round drum can be swapped out topped up by another crew member. Ammo 1,000 rounds (500 sabot for armour, 500 HE for soft)