After jumping back to system 2934 (not to Kask station) but to an RV and an asteroid where a plus sized Ex-X-boat awaits us….

After morse handshakes, they indicate we should come across, and in the meantime send a short taster of background info

Secure flash communication received from X-Boat. Intel:



Put Salamander down, extend air lock, Sir Arthur, Armitage and Morle goes across

2 guys, scrawny, professional. Mr Black and Mr Indigo. Raises an eyebrow

V specific instructions. Handoff to happen ASAP, go from here as humanly possible, best for Salamander to arrive 4-5 days earlier to case establishment and a little less obvious. We can move faster.

Armitage: So you’ll have to hang around awhile.

Received data?

Leads to believe where RV happening.

Black: We take Prof B, he will have data stick to handover. No one knows who we are contacting, Prof B is to check in to a specific lodging (we have the name) under a specific name and ask if the canteen has a specific menu de jour, and that will be the sign.

Only Prof B or Marquis can open safe onboard Ex-X-boat. We will then take Prof B and take off. Trying to ensure hand off takes place near or at the docking bay.

We will observe, ID true recipients and try to follow up the foodchain as far as possible. Try but avoid unnecessary risks, without jepordising the mission (mission considered not to expose Baron as in loop). Expend certain local assets to preserve secrecy. Endeavour short of giving game away to go far as possible up food chain. Expenditure of assets encouraged to achieve that - from money, starships, munitions, all the way up to certain people.

Discretion better part of valour. Gives Sir Arthur anonymous cred stick. Account to Baron for it, but use to achieve direct objectives (cred stick w. 50k on it). There’s also double value in that on an overdraft in exceptional circumstances IF the Marquis deems it’s worth it.

Armitage asks for news from Darryl- nothing.

Prospero’s Dream is in 2537, edge of Urnian Sector. Would be 3 jumps, but Ucas says we could overclock and do 2.5 jumps….with risk. Could be catastrophic, could just be failure. We decide to do it. Make the first jump, Ucas is on edge. He sleeps 12 hours, then we do it again…and come out again.

We head towards an absolutely mammoth space station