Karin revisited

Fly on to Karin “Usual” birth Bit of reception committee Hukat is waiting for us, also customs and one of Baron Beren’s employees George gets 2 days shore leave and Armitage and Morle let him take an autopistol Hukat and the Baron’s man come closer But the 3 guys in Uniform come first - imperial prosection service!

“I’m a senior inspector with the imperial prosecution service. Baron Beren said you might be able to inform us about the terrorist event on Andor. Given the severity we hoped that the Marquis would have time to help us. We ask that the crew remain on board during the interview.”

“Let’s talk on the bridge”

2 unfiforms stay down on the common area, he goes up.

“Low yield nuke, sever transgression. Need to get to the bottom as fast as possible. Your excellencys cooperation is appreciated. What we were hoping to understand better is that you passed through the system around then. We checked the logs and have it down to a week or too. We understand you desire to get to Karin as quickly as possible, we respect that you didn’t breach the restriction. But you did seem to come into contact with someone there, any information you could share would be appreciated.”

He asks if he can talk to crew if eneded, Marquis says yes. Offers him a drink

Marquis addresses the crew. Hukat is very agitated and thinks they are heavily implciated. He thinks he is in a very bad position as he worked for the people that arranged that drop.

Take him to Emape, use him to set up fuel drop. Set up new identity as part of his payment.

Baron Beren invited us to a conference over lunch in a private room. All crew invited, multiple tables, Sir Arthur and Marquis will share a table with him to discuss business. Others will be hosted. Corto, Morle and Armitage. Take the artwork with us.

Morle has armour, autopistol. Marquis and Sir Arthur armed. Armitage daggers and revolver plus bag of low grade party trick bangs and smokes.

Baron is there and several attractive young men and women. People he is tutoring. They can share war stories, put hair on their chest, give ladies frissions.

Baron “So delighted back in the system, things happen!”

Mr Karin, the android guys, standing in corner

“Had a wonderful time, planned your digs, found some reasonable good lining, thrown in. Had a fascinating time catching up with Bension, he’s filled me in. Seems to me there are almost as many commercial opportunities coming out as cultural ones. Not sure how, but we can monetise them I’m sure. We’ve handed the goodies over to startup, they’re at work”

Marquis “Last time, we forgot a picture” “Oo!” says the Baron. The Marquis hands it over “What do we have here. Looks quite magnificent! I like it. Looks quite authentic. Think it’ll be quite a hit! We’ll keep it safely for you”

The Baron “My dear Marquis! You’re very kind. I most appreciate it. So I was wondering what your plans are now?”

Marquis “ We want to return as soon as possible and continue our expedition now we have stocked up. WE hav ea few leads, do some probing and digging. I will be mustering some commercial expeditions, one to the station. You found it, so any profits you will have a share. Similarly for the mining operation, bit difficult to muscle in. We might risk a sneaky in and out, at the same time frustrate their plans, and unload some of their adimantium. Not expecting that will do more than break even, but worth frustrating our friends. So happy to continue our previous agreement - another 6 months? Don’t want to tie you down. People are starting to wise up to opportunities and begin exploring. However, might have a little job for you. A little illegal but potentially lucrative”