Kizar's even more Bizarre

Baron Ducote not appointed by Duke, but rubber stamped it.

At cafe, found a pilot/engineer. Mr David Lynn at 15:00, capable young man, slight problem w expenses, fixed by siphoning funds from Purser. 2 terms, engineer and pilot.

Finn Robinson, well rounded, engineering and gunnery, available immediately.

40 year old guy comes in, looks vaguelly familiar. “Realted to Marquis?” I’m an incidental acquaintance of the Marquis, many years ago, had some business, when he was fully employed. I’m Sir Percy Blackshaft” Pulls up a chair “Terrible how he was drummed out. There were rumours, inapproriate behaviour, disgraced the imperium. Not my business, especially as I am here. Putting together a hunting expedition, difficult decisions, guns etc. Looking to charter an airship, wooden hulls, elephants guns. Hear there leaping sandworms or fleas. Can visit the travelling caravan too, great food. Leave a message with Maitre D

Corot talks to the Maitre D about deals and info…he promises to get back in touch tomorrow w more info as to possible Marquis opportunities as a smoother/middle man

Lunch - George the Maitre D.

Sir Percy incities us on airship, 5k per person. Also Sir Barnaby Cuningham, runs a number of mining operations, absolutely no scruples. Corto and Sir Arthur ask to invite the red head.

Miranda Craymore, quite reclusive, the serial widow. Her handmaids quite delightful. Had 3, 4 husbands die underneath her. She would add a little extra to the voyage.

15:00: the possible recruits.

David Lynn: vaguelly asiatic origin. Strong, looks smart, talks as if he came out of a gutter wouldn’t step in. Most foul mouthed individual ever. Places cutlery into his pocket. Ensign Lynn

Ensign Robinson: Engineering and Gunnery, gorrilla of a man. SPend every minute in the gym

At a loose end, came on a commision, patron caught stealing buried up to his neck 8 days ago.

Pilot: 6,000 per month Engineer/Gunner: 4,000 per month

Offer 5k and 3k and promise to leave at major starport.

David Lynn accepts without hesitation. Robinson wants to think about it, 6 hours later rings up and signs up.

George the MD comes up. Few jobs - highly discrete salvage on high value item from inside controlled space, mission to destroy judicial records problematic for a client, straight up smash and grab on ownership documents for an asset being held ransom, and framing an individual to discredit them. Can put you in touch with clients or brokers - won’t tell you whicht hey are.

Corto blithely says “all 4”, george says splendid, discuss on the cruise. Will know tomorrow. Iffy on the raid, but otherwise all - discuss raid tomorrow AM before embark.

Message from Percy “Great stuff, everyone ligned up, Miranda v interested in finding out more about you. Craymore, Ms Red too. Mentioned that Sir Arthur would be coming, a she he had a change of heart.

Into the cafe comes a short, stout individual. “You must be Sir Arthur. Our mutual friend said you were interested in an opportunity. I’ll come to the point. My employer has a delicate job that needs doing. Tricky job, snatch and grab, ownership docs to his assets to his HQ that were purloined. Docs no longer in Imperial Space, gloves are off. 2 weeks at jump 2? Time pressure? Y. Static location for target, don’t know exact location. Some assets in place, can afford to be brunt, but must maximise. Commercial organisation, but using partner who is not above board. Other docs possible - 80% yours, 20% ours after fees. Success fee only basis? need to undertake within 4 weeks, need to know in 2 weeks.

Couple of days later, Sir Percy welcomes onboard. “Sir Barnaby is onboard (hope to close the deal w him), Miss Red coming too, Lady Craymore already aboard. Feeling she will dominate the whole social aspect.

Few games of chance suggested…Corto declines but Sir Percy looks at Sir Arthur.

Couple of Merchants, Ira Jaron, Soraya Gol. Tanned, looks somewhat familiar. Captain Ava Bahar, Starfarer ready to depart. Layla, female deckhand, and Eskandar, look indolent. Maybe just the heat…. Seems to have a Ships Gig, and a solar sail. Grav vehicle, giving the impression of being a real sailing ship. Could it even be jump capable….?

Taken to state room, mocked up cannon that is actually a laser cannon, rigged w a harpoon attachment. Forward hatch, goes to the hold, quarter deck extensive. 100m long. Down in the depths, well appointed cabins. All get cabins, apart from Wiffa who gets a hammock down below.

Mingle above. Some hangers on too.

Sir Arthur asks Sir Percy what the deal is. Sir Barnaby is looking for a way into the Imperium avoiding customs and tax. He’s looking for partners to expand his business. Normally wouldn’t get involved. He’s 1 degree removed, I’d take the fall - don’t have a choice now. Trying to negotiate most lucrative, low cost contracts.

Ira Jaron calls Sir Arhtur over. He has issues w Baron DuCote…costing him 50mn credits a month. What he needs is someone removes this problem. Not like that! However, if Baron Ducoate was to be implciated in impropreity of a disqualifying nature or treason or dealing w the enemy…

Sir Barnaby and Sir Percy set up a poker game. Sir Arthur cleans up to the tune of 50k; Corto loses 9k

Next day, hunt up in the Massif. Sir A, B and P, plus Lt Col Corto and Wiffa. 10l water, 5 days rations, emergency shelter, 5 rifles and 20 rounds each, plus 10 tranquilizers