Kizars Bazaar

Catch ship, 4 dead bodies, evidence was there were 6 onboard so looking for 2 more.

Investigating, we find:

Supposition is that Baron DuCote to corner market on Adamantium, Cavourite (space ship building, 10 times strength for weight) and some very dense energy source (possibly Crystal?).

Sir Arthur wants to go to the Blackburn Halo Mine in 2834 and see if the Scout cruiser (under Captain Woods) there has logs on the ship that we saw on camera, but this would take time. First, we decide to follow the Navigation note to the “maintenance dock”.

We hide the ship (Marut’s Crown) behind one of the moons of the large Jovian, last planet in the system. Might be more profitable to sell on Prospero’s Dream (40% of resale price which is 20% down due to age = 12m CR, less some percentage), even with dodgy provenance, rather than salvage (20-25% salvage).

We head to the port they were going to get maintenance on. Asked for clearance code, transmit it. Approach to find 7 ships in Kizars Bazar, incl Patrol Cruiser that we might have got a small signature on.

5 disembark: Sir Arthur lead, Morle, Armitage, Corto and Wiffa. Installed in Moorish villa. Personal weapons only, and under no circumstances use, unless prior permission. Armitage takes bag of tricks, Corto takes his box


Receive anonymous message to expect a visit from an old friend.

Armitage takes a look around. About a third occupied, discrete security. Some liveried people around making deliveries. Some security on the edges.

Go for tea overlooking the Oasis. Armitage notices some deals going on in the back of the cafe. Some pairs are strolling, doing business. He asks the Waiter to put him in touch for a recon job, low risk but speed is of the essence.

Head back to the villa, noticing some badger people (Fossiorians); possible security. We wait, Armitage on lookout. He sees someone in robes approaching, face concealed. He enters the villa

“I have come to see you. Please close the windows and doors, electronic eavesdropping you now” Corto turns on his white noise generator from box of tricks.

He is an old man, with long grey hair, perhaps 60, quite sprightly

“I have come to you before word gets out you are here. Thereafter would not be appropriate to be seen with you. There is much I can’t tell you, reasons for which you may come to understand in the coming days and weeks, if you are successful and do not perish. Which would do neither of us any good. You are floundering in your understanding of events in the Urnian sector and the implications. The plans in motion at present are only the tip of the iceberg and the key players you think are involved are really only pawns in a game you are stumbling into. Having said that, the men of the Salamander are quite renowned already, and would seem to my master and provide some hope for resolving our conundrums together. My Master and his followers cannot afford to show our hand without jeopardising our chances of avoiding a disaster, so we must remain in the shadows. We know the Marquis’s mean are capable and independent. If you were to dine tomorrow evening in the restaurant of Chi Now from around 20:00, you may see a confluence of interests that confirm and confound some of your suspicions. We are of course cannot be there, so look to you to be our eyes and ears. Should convince you that we want the preservation of peace in the 5 sisters. This is an introduction of our good faith and demonstration of our desire to work with you.”

He leaves…us with a conundrum.

To do:

  1. Find the Keysk and his companion
  2. Go to Chi Now restaurant
  3. Set up recon job on:
    1. Riedma: “The Teamsters, I’ve got a little fleet of traders, and the rival Stratomere Syndicate has captured 6 of them and are holding them to ransom. They were on a job for Yandi, and she’s refusing to pay. I’m losing money, my men and women are in danger. And Yandi is not acting in our best interest. Just recon, find out what is going on, get in and get out. Couple of systems to look in.If you could check 1 system, I’d be very happy - 2736 or 2836, 150k to check out. 50/50 call - if you find them, 75k bonus. Not sure how they did it, maybe fighters? They were travelling in convoy. He says to keep in touch through Loshy

George sidles up to the crew of the Crusier and tries to find out what’s going on…

If the imperium were to fail, the things the 5 sisters can’t produce would be stuff like Cavourite, Adamantium and the energy source

Message from restaurant, few enquiries, due diligence underway

George established a rapport

2 compounds in blue, occupied, bit more cautious with a guard outside (bazaar security).

Sir Arthur buys Salamander Pins for the Marquis with Fire projector and passive locator

Go to restaurant, down some stairs, quite rustic, cool, and refreshing. Shitty table for fine dining, but see everything in the room and see people come down stairs before they see us. About 25 tables. Mezzanine layer not visible

Sir Arthur impresses with wine choices, we chat and watch exits. Filling up, 150 in here. Wiffa double clicks, person of interest inbound. Notice coming down stairs, that is NanPram Keysk (the Patriarch) accompanied by the assassin we thought we had lost on Prospero’s Dream. Goes over to table with 2 people at. 1 male, middle aged, black hair, facing away. Other side is a woman, conservatively dressed, long red hair, shaved up one side above the ear. Not young, not old. Dressed very conservatively. Nanpram bows, and is invited to sit. The tall, androgynous assassin moves around with back against the wall. Idle chit chat at first, then lean in and some discrete discussion. Assassin puts a small box on the table. Nampram passes something to the man. Assassin squints across the room, catches glance, leans forward and whispers in Nampram’s ear, conversation slows, and the dark haired guy turns his head, conversation continues.

Keysk and Assassin go back to compound. Morle follows red headed woman back to other compound, other big shape greets her with big flowing robes. “We have the information. The fools still don’t understand”.

Sir Arthur goes to the toilet…and bumps into Sir Arthur. Looks down and says sorry “Hey, don’t I know you? Don’t I know your face? Haven’t we met somewhere?” Sir Arthur says “were you posted to xxxx” “I bet we’ll run into each other again”.

Sir Arthur uses Stall Number 7, flushes twice. Passageway, 150m, little stairway ending in a door. Come into a shrubbery by small green square. Notices some footprints. Head back towards our villa area.

Sir Arthur finds a rock in his pocket. Not from this planet.

Could the dark haired man have been the Plenipotentiary….?

George goes to trade something with the ship to get some info - max 20k CR

Next morning, Armitage watches the transport dock, Morle the red head villa, Corto Keysks.

The assassin leaves in the direction of the Red head’s villa and Corto follows him

Nam Pram Keysk goes to the cafe. Sir Arthur has breakfast there, and Nampram joins him. After some small talk, he says it’s a shame they can’t work together towards the same end. He then says he finds it curious the Marquis is working against the Duke’s best interest. Sir Arthur replies that he also would find that strange.

“I have the utmost respect for the Marquis, and the current circumstances unfortunate. Again, the offer is there for dialogue if the Marquis so chooses it”

Corto puts a drone up and sees them taking tea in the garden. Get some broke audio

“Imperative make rendezvous now….serious problem…we don’t know how they found out what’s going on…so you have to fix this” She hands something to the assassin, Morle thinks.

Assassin and Keysks back to the villa, then they come out with bags, passed to security with a nod, head to transport staging area.

George hacks a console whilst on board and got that the planned jumps match the freighter: 2634 first, then Plan B and C respectively: 2632 or 2433

Plan is to leave Sir Arthur, Wifa at the villa, Corto and the Gecko at the landing pad. If necessary they can fly in system to the merchant we hid, and hire a pilot/navigator/enginerr. George has somehow delayed the patrol cruiser from taking off.

As we get back, the hooded old guy turns up. Nods to us, nods to the Keysks, the assassin seems oblivious to his presence. The Marquis meets Baron Keysk as he comes towards the salamander, invites him for a drink. He refuses, until the Keysk gets news his ship is delayed, and says he’d be delighted. The old guy in the robe tries to invite himself - the Marquis looks unsure, then suddenly agrees. All 3 go up to sun deck on the yacht.

Marquis fences w Baron Keysk, who assures him he is acting with the Duke’s express wishes. They seem to disagree. There is a definite subtext to the conversation going on….and then the old guys suddenly slumps and is unconscious….