Let’s make sure it’s a benevolent AI

We buy two laser drills good for 30-40m Depth for 5k.

Notice there are more System defence boats around - run by planetary authorities and an Increased Military presence - Navy, some marines and scouts. There are also some ships looking like they could head into The Urnian sector with an easy Course adjustment.

Once we leave I Perivale space, the Marquis loads the data stick from A’Vorta and listens to it:

It’s is more intel, which he apologises for not being able to share before. Section 403 includes stuff on intel through holistic means. Narrowing of possibilities around the fact there appears to be significant risk to the 7 sisters. Not being driven by actors within the 7 sisters. The players we’ve met are probably not main actors and are mere pawns. They also concerned that it is tied back to religion in some way. The levers being pulled and what could be achieved are not necessarily economic- could be part of it, but result is some religious drive or goals. That was the interest from the Duke in getting the Arch Stargazer - not so much the undermining authority, but they needed to be able to interrogate him using more advanced techniques. Also why he’s interested in Prof Benison ‘s research. Apologies for keeping in the dark, but Prof B is also working for Baron A’vorta and has given good reports on the Marquis and his team. As a result, the handoff of the data, pay particular attention to any indicators of the cultural or religious at handover. Power dynamics - anything over 100 people has to be governed, pay attention to power structure, who governs.

A’Vorta’s personal opinion, not 403, prof B’s research on the Sisters and DJI/Jil, as well increased activity in the Urnian sector is vital.

Marquis asks is this recent? Understanding is for about 10 years now, Genesis may have started 10 years before that, in ways that were so subtle not marked.

Arrange for Darryl to salvage 2 turrets and hardware from deep space. He agrees for 5% salvage. Should get c. 4m CR, maybe 200k to retrieve for Ex-X-boat.

Head out, jump to empty space, then 2934 and scan Kask. Still seems to have alien ship attached. Talk to it. Missing memory That it can’t access, been tampered with, wants our help. Needs human interface, software upgrade. Would be very grateful Started sending out probes, asks if it should look anywhere in particular. We ask for a probe to wormhole Location and to look out for Paradise, for our upgrades.

We then jump to Yellan and commence scanning In the Gecko, Corto piloting, Streaming data back to the Salamander in real time.

Locate 2-3 possible sites. Land Gecko on a ridge someway between them. Usual away team, plus Wiffa, George and Dr N’tesh. Set up base camp using Gecko as sleeping quarters, scout out w grav bikes. 11km site is inaccessible to Gecko, but 6km we clear a landing site and drop everyone off. Further scanning reveals a very likely candidate under the eggshell layer, with natural caverns above routes down. Further scanning finds a crevice that leads to within 4-5 metres of the service. We start the equipment up, and after a few hours, break into the shaft about 5m down. There is a passageway leading off to the right, about 1.5-2m wide that looks accessible.