Prospero's Dream

We have no problem picking it up on scanners. Diameter of 6km, vertical cylinder is core

Busy shipping, lots of heavily armoured. Hailed immediately. We simply announce as Salamander

Docking fees 1,000 + 100 per day Oxygen tax 10cr per day per person If we are selling items, each merchant will require a licence for 2,000 CR No hull breachable weapons allowed on the Dream We wire over 2,500 to cover 1 week (10 ppl, down Benison but up Wiffa = 100/day, 700 for week plus 1,000 and 700CR for week) Refuelling also on offer - 7,000 CR per 100 tonnes last week, can vary, weekly pricing, check on docking

Massive station, not a complete circle. Lots of different building elements. Lots of different sized rectangles. Not beautiful, organic in a tiny kind of way

Massive docking bay, w blast doors. Clean atmo, ship passes it through. 2 or 3 massive ships under construction. We’re attached to one of 20 or 30 ports. Even seems to be a dry dock area. At least 50 ships in here. V large liner type ships under construction and some other not quite so obvious stuff

Weapons allowed: SMGs, Shotguns and Autopistols. No rifles or High Velocity, nor Lasers. No grenades. All melee weapons allowed

We dock, there is a gangway. Some forms to process, manifest list. Stay on board:

Go look:

Rumours of a tree of life. A giant, gargantuan tree, the first ever grown on station, that has survived centuries in outer space. Supposedly lives on a small man made island in the middle of an artificial lake. Rumours it is more important than being just a tree, bit of a cult around it?

Take backpacks w rebreathers, SMG/Pistols, low light goggles, drugs, couple of small drones, blades. medkit, tripwire and area surveillance, shields.

2 guys in bright white overalls, gas masks.

“Little initiation…quarantine. Please strip down. Put your bags down over there. Just the usual disinfectant” Marquis pays 100 CR to avoid hose down, then a further 100CR for Sir Arthur. The rest get slammed by high pressure foam. We all start falling like skittles, and it’s a mess. The hoses stop, and they thank the Marquis.

“Please step through Loshy will see you now”. 35-40 year old guy with a shock of white hair, smoking a big cigar, drinking cola. Speaks in a calm voice and says “Ah, new ppl. Welcome to the dream. This is my port, my name is Loshy, if there is anything you need, just let me know, I’ll sort it for you. Just one second, have a suspect cargo manifest.” Picks up phone “you, OV is trying to short us on fees”

“We are unionised, all my boys”

Armitage asks for the sit rep, and Loshy sits us down. Imagine us at the end of a circle missing a 9th of its circumference. We’re at the end, first location is the icebox - slickware (software ut need a jack point into brain), then after that the fun. Recommend the “Stella Burn” - Drinks, R&R . Ask for Sem, tell him Loshy sent you. Keep going, you’ll end at Galadion Rangers HQ, don’t want to go there. Otherwise, go into spirce, and go out to the chop shop, get your cyber mods. We’ve got the farm, mostly religious nutters, keeps the food coming in. Then Canyon Heavy Dot Market, the place to trade - best hacking crew in the universe. Don’t end up in Dobtown. Pay your 02 tax, don’t get thrown in prison in dob town. Getting thrown in there without enough air to breathe.

Marquis “I’ve heard rumours about a tree” Loshy says “Could be”. Armitage tries 100. Then another 100. Marquis tells him to top it up to 500

“It’s called Aarnivalkea. Rumoured to cure any disease. You could go to the ESC (Evangelical Something Church). They grow the food, worship the tree, the tree makes us happy”

“Fuel price like at the moment?”

“12,000 per 100 tonnes. My commission is fixed for fuel. If you’re going to stay more than a week, could be better”

We leave Ucas with open tab for fuel, repairs and instructions to top up Oxygen if we’re not in contact for a few days.

We head downtown, it’s busy and bustling, shops, stores, food places, lodgings. We come into a big area after struggling down the crowded tube tunnels. Open areas with 3-4 stories space, other places hodge podge of lego bricks, integrated going up and down several floors. Have a quick look, some cases 10 businesses listed on one building.

After about an hours wandering around, we come to a “mall guide” where we find the “Ralta Guest House”. Seems a bit more upmarkets area, thinner foot traffic. We casually saunter past, its quite large, 4-5 stories, maybe 80-100 rooms. Bar on one corner, eating establishment on another. Quite centrally located

The Marquis sends Sir Arthur in to find out about upmarkets rooms. He wanders in, there’s a woman behind the desk, snazzy high shouldered uniform, greets him. He asks for rooms for 7 people, for 2 days. Could have 4 on the top floor, another 2 on the 5th floor. She shows the hotel, 1st floor private dining. Deals with entertainment in the area, no charge. Premium rooms are hermetically sealed, in case of a breach, guaranteed for 1 hour. Complimentary tea and coffee.

Costs 250 CR per day for premium rooms. The Marquis takes 4 rooms, and she tries to get 2 on the lower floor close to the emergency stairs next to the rooms. Can’t, down the other end of hall. If you can pay now, we can hold the rooms. Little extra cash charge for the ID process

So 6 rooms, 4 at 250, 2 at 150 = 2,600 for 2 nights and 50 CR

She propositions Sir Arthur when she sees his ID.

We go out, and think we have a couple of days to sort out watching stuff.

Morle wants to get his cyber mods ASAP. We need to go the the chop shop to go to a slick socket, to jack software and firmware in. We can then get physical mods like retractable nano blades, expensive but invisible and undetectable and cuts through anything. Can cosmetic stuff, change colour, add paintings to body. Enhancements to record and play back audio.

We go back to Salamander, pick up some stuff, come back to the Ralta, dump our stuff, put on glad rags. We then head to the Stella Burn, it’s a massive building with neon and flashing arrows. Lots of people, a queue, armoured drones hovering above the entrance. A few uniformed goons carrying SMGs, look unimpressed at everyone, and some Galadrean Rangers who do security for the station.

We grease a few palms lightly to get in, have to check weapons in, into a big area that covers the whole floor. Heaving, lots of people, dark and smoky. Special on tonight, 15 CR for food. Cardra cola for 1 CR. Off to the side, discreet sign saying ecstasy, goon standing in front. As picking up drinks, loosening up to the music, we consider our next move

Off to one side are 2 anthropomorphic giant Badger type thing. Small door off to one side with a sign above saying “Ecstasy”.

Armitage pays 500 CR for a good table on the balcony, saying to Sem that Loshy sent us. Sem says that we are in luck, Yandi is here, and he can get us a booth 3 tables away. She might invite us over. “You’re new here, right? If you’re thinking of getting some hardware upgrades, maybe get some Sycorax to help the bedding in. It’s on sale here in Heaven”

We go up, past the velvet rope barrier, and see Yandi (recognising her from the Intel). The noise on the balcony is muffled artificially, and a young lady takes us to our booth. It is traditional in heaven for the first drink to be on the house, and the booth is sonically shielded. Drinks are ordered.

750 CR per Sycorax pill. Talk to the Doc, the Babushka.

Armitage strikes up a conversation with a merchant, Riedma is here. He is a pretty big shot, head of the Teamster Local 32819Ls, the boss. There isn’t a business that doesn’t use Teamster Locals. Hearsay is that he doesn’t look happy today, not his normal jovial self. Off his game. Downstairs leaning on Sem’s bar, talking to him. Bit more of feel of where to get a meal. Find out there is a unique justice system - if street justice doesn’t deal w it, the courts do via trial by combat. With public defenders and advocates, that you can pay. You can pay off your debts that way too. Centrally located at the top of the column. Find out a little bit more about halfway down the central column there is Dop town (“Deoxygenated Peoples Town”). Equivalent of purgatory, take you down there, slave economy, you’ll never get out. Chokers down there, living on half oxygen supply. Don’t lose money, pay your debts. You seem like good guys, what you hear for? Armitage says we’re looking for Hardware upgrades, he says we’ll have to at some point to go to the Babushka for hardware (slick socket), and then we’ll be ready for software. It’s tough, but manageable. Heard rumours it’s gone downhill a little - maybe not as clean as it used to be. She’s also a big employer, has jobs that need doing, can be pretty lucrative. Icebox for software, after the Slicksocket and hardware mods. Can also get backup - download your personality into a new you shell. Rumours of super soldiers being developed for 75m CR, or average bodies for 2m CR.

Take a holiday in slick world. Can travel, visit places, but can be addictive- make money rescuing people.

Corto and Morle have overindulged somewhat, bit wobbly, slurred speech.

The guy called Riedma after a few hours comes up the stairs. Comes over, and says “The Marquis of… what was it… Wellesley? Not so often we get proper nobility. Forgive me, my name is Redma. I look after the health, welfare and prosperity of the working people on Prospero’s Dream. May I join you? And introduce you to your colleagues. I heard from Loshy you had come in, and you know,we’ve heard of your exploits in the 7 Sisters”

“I hope only the only good stories?”

“I heard you killed a Boss Gunyan with a dagger. You have to tell me what happened…”

The Marquis tells the story, at the end of which, Riedma leans in and drops his voice and says “The Teamsters, we’re having a bit of a rough time. As you can imagine, we’re involved in everything here. Basically, we’re a union but also a business. We distribute the Sycorax here, for Yandi, but we make a lucrative cut here. I’ve got a little fleet of traders, and the rival Stratomere Syndicate has captured 6 of them and are holding them to ransom. They were on a job for Yandi, and she’s refusing to pay. I’m losing money, my men and women are in danger. And Yandi is not acting in our best interest. You have a capable team here, if you’d be interested in trying to find out where they are keeping our freighters, I could see us coming to a financial arrangement to do that. Just recon, find out what is going on, get in and get out. Couple of systems to look in.If you could check 1 system, I’d be very happy - 2736 or 2836, 150k to check out. 50/50 call - if you find them, 75k bonus. Not sure how they did it, maybe fighters? They were travelling in convoy. He says to keep in touch through Loshy.

Corto stands up, and falls sideways out of the booth, worse for wear, whilst Morle laughs himself silly.

Someone from Yandi’s table comes over and whispers in the Marquis’s ear “Would you like to join Yandi?”. As the Marquis approaches, several people get up and vacate seats. He sits next to Yandi. “It’s a real pleasure for us to host visitors of such stature. You should be careful, people could get the wrong impression about you and your team”

The Marquis laughs “People talk”

“In any event, there is not much difference between what the Imperium and we do”

“I’m impressed”

“We like to run a tight ship”

She gets round to asking why we are here. The Marquis professes curiosity about the tree, and also says the crew are looking for upgrades. She asks if the Marquis is looking for upgrades, and seems relieved that he is not. She asks if he will be staying long, and he says a few days. She says recovery varies a bit depending on the mod, recommends doing it here.

She asks about Riedma, and asks if he mentioned the sensitivity around it. “To be honest, there is some friction between us because of the situation. It’s a little delicate. We contracts with the Teamsters for delivery of a substantially important cargo. We can write off the cargo, but we can’t write off the ships or have the teamsters local upset. They’ve been captured by the Stratmere syndicate, I can’t pay a ransom, it’s not good business. Nor do I want my relationship strained with the teamsters strained. I don’t really have the assets in place to make an intervention. Give the deteriorating relationship, I can’t spare any of the rangers. I hear you are men of action. I can’t pay the 100m CR, even negotiating from there. If you could assassinate the head of the Stratmere syndicate, it would be sufficient for Riedma. I will pay 10m CR to have it done. And supply information. Our interest to get the job done.

The Marquis promises to think on it. She says think on it, you have things to do, think it over, talk to the team. The offer is genuine. She doesn’t think Riedma will do anything rash so we have time. She gives the Marquis a comm card, and asks him not to use from a public place.

Armitage has heard of the Stratemeyer syndicate. Highly decentralised syndicate, based on different cells that report through middle men to a big boss that no one knows. Operate predominantly outside of Imperial space. Notorious for pirating, smuggling and trading arms. Recently got into the technology business. They acting as conduits for corporate crime, at the megacorp level, using the syndicate to manage things. Operate outside imperial space, lower on the radar of law enforcement.

Armitage: 131k CR Lumitat: 1,000cr Scapegoat: 130k

Corto: 220k CR

Sir Arthur:





1. Dock 2. Rec area 3. Cybermods area 4. Slickware 5. 6. 7. Courts,justice via arena combat 8. 9. 10.

“God damn those humlongs”

Xenia the holopet

Consoles, screen, operating theatre, Babushka at work. Hand drops off, thrown in a bin

Corto drops 100k

That battery will run out in 1 year?

We get the radioactive juice on his shoes, Armitage has the specs on

2 pro spotters, increased seperation

2 goons darting after him

Harrigan’s World

Scapegoat System 130kcr, 3 slots, Stores kinetic energy (bullets, CQC damage, etc.), up to 9dmg, which must be redirected and let out within 2d10 turns via touch or the damage is tripled on the user. 1 week to recharge between uses.


> 49,600

Prof B arrives, chase, radioactive trail, into Slickworld, out again, to brothel, loose trail, Armitage gets caught up in it.

Indil the lady who owns the Brothel and is also an Assassin co-operative. Armitage in exchange for his life has indicated that he will arrange a favour from the Baron A’Vorta in exchange for ensuring that the trail doesn’t go cold.

Was some effort to destroy the recording, but she has a hardened system and managed to extract some poor footage

Canyon Heavy Market No. 6

Angus runs the data brokerage. For a fee, he might be able to do something, hack into the system and extract the system. The official admin system.

Not in the system. Yandi a bit non committal

Ships he could have come in on:

Gave Angus more money, he find’s out it was Marut’s Crown. Made a deal he would track using contacts, bribery etc and info on where jumping to next before they jump. With extra money, we got the 2nd jump point where they were due to meet some other ship at 2634 Yellan, Wiffa’s system. We decided to follow them a couple of hours behind. Armitage talked to Indil, and she gives Armitage the OK to leave and follow the ship. Also gives him a code to start a 4 week countdown on the bomb in his head