Raweh, desert interlude. Lt-Col Wiliam Corto (ret.)

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After shooting our way off Sam's World (the Zubengenubi gang were looking for us for some…Armitage…cough reason), we’re on Raweh for 1 week. Looking for passengers or cargo to Andor-Karin-Iderati after Hanno disembarked

Checked out [[Flopsy_Joes?]], the furlough bar for officers. Definitely something going on in 3238. Military base, no civilian contractors. Army on Raweh are largely staging post if rapid deploy required. Occasional jobs to 3238 for bulk haulage. Army Lt-Col definitely thinks there’s something going on out there - Navy or Scouts probably? Doesn’t know about the X-boat route that starts at 2940 but know’s it out there

Picked up job to escort recovery crew to research facility 2 days sled ride out of town that has lost contact. Maybe malfunction, maybe pirates. Used Salamander for trip. Have 7 research scientists on board - [[Amouk?|Head of Research]] and [[Leonard?]] only two talking so far.

Should be 2 scientists onsite. No contact. Facility still pressurized behind larger than needed doors. At Amber alert level, meaning something out of ordinary happened. Only emergency lighting. Code to open doors required, shared amongst team. If alert goes to Red, only head of research can open doors again. We’re wearing tank breathers, they all have compressors

Checked out sick bay to west of main door (part of lab). Some signs of being used. Stasis pods in concealed room prepped but not used. Thin line of blood on the floor (2nd strong indicator of possible hostile action).

Proceeding in cautious manner, with Corto point, 7 research staff in middle, Cavendish rear security. Armitage running some kind of overwatch deal behind us in the dark and The Marquis covering our exit from the ship with the big guns.

Trying to convince the [[Amouk?|Head]] to get some of his people out of here as something is obviously going on. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO PROPERLY DO THIS. If we get out of this OK, I’m going to have to adjust my paradigm from battalion level down to less than squad tactics. There is no cavalry here….we are the cavalry

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