Reminiscent of Mystical Shapes of the Windy Desert, or bughunt

We trek across the desert, through the mesa, up and over into the basin. The basin is emptying of sand, showing some pyramids sticking up.

A sand storm comes in, and Wiffa finds a cave. It turns into a cave system, which we follow, exit as the storm subsides. 3-4km to the pyramids. Descend under the central pyramid. Come to a swirling plasma doorway, Sir Arthur dives through. Wiffa follows post haste, followed begrudgingly by Corto.

The trio find themselves on the other side….sensation, bit like jump space. Dark, low light, but covered in slimy ectoplasm, little but green and fluorescent. Walls to the left and right. Dotted around this room, randomly, are red and yellow glow globes 5-8’ off the floor, giving off very little light. Maybe 7-8? Hovering? Attached to wall? Swirling plasma doorway behind us?

The spheres are floating brains with tentacles. Attack, explode on destruction and burn. Went south through a door, through a corridor, glowing stuff in the ceiling, with mist - try to take a break, something attacks, drips acid on us as we try to rest of violet mist. Sir Arthur picked up a massive gem, ran through a laboratory with shrunken heads that all looked the same. Left, came into almost a courtyard with an overflowing fountain, with scummy liquid on the floor. Picked a plugged jar (clay plug) from the edge of the puddle. The walls are weirdly iced over. Another room with archways and clocks, combination lock. First one wanted to be 5 minutes to midnight. Others give him a shock. Went up steps, blue moss- jumped over it. Room with some art, people walking through plasma portals with left arm raised, side table with drawings, wooden box, perfume bottle with liquid. Off to the side, humanoid statue about 8 foot tall, minimalist, 2 topaz for eyes. Bad smell emanating from room with statue.

Table has a sheaf of papers with 15 drawings on the them. Small bottle with liquid with stars and nebulae in there. Little wooden box, 20cm x 15cm, 10 cm high. Take the documents too- one is maybe a map, stylised, has lines converging on one spot. We can’t identify it.

Small room to East is a bedroom, ill repair. More paintings, left arm raised. Bed rotting. Floor is wooden, well worn. A red cloak still looks like new, compared to rotting other garments. Sir Arthur puts it on. Fits well. Small writing table. In the drawers, something disintegrated. Also a large bronze key, Book in other drawer, open it - it’s a journal in a strange language. Clock is on 15:17.

Move back, then head East. Dark stain on South wall, black stain in human shape on it. Wiffa feels static through the floor, and it’s cold. Silver bowl in middle of floor. Corner of one tapestry shows this room (all others show bucolic scenes), except over the bowl is a female with wings (or costume? Or jetpack?). The tapestry shows her coming out of the wall, and she looks like the statues. Bowl has bone fragments in

Head into room to North. 10 empty glass sarcophagi, human sized. 4 torch holders, 2 on E and W walls. Butterflies circling the sarcophagi. Floors rumbling, can feel grinding under feet. Sarcophagi not opaque, filled with flowing gas, see forms every so often.

Sir Arthur opens it, mist disappears, the form melts too! Death Mask, sweet smell. Black onyx death mask w musical notes - slightly smiling

INto the factory…robots attack, no invite, into the bowels, fight the blood snake, find prod facility, shut it down, hack the systems: Adamantiun 6 days prod Corvite 3 days prod

Still on same planet!!!!