Return to Yellan

We then jump to Yellan and commence scanning In the Gecko, Corto piloting, Streaming data back to the Salamander in real time.

Locate 2-3 possible sites. Land Gecko on a ridge someway between them. Usual away team, plus Wiffa, George and Dr N’tesh. Set up base camp using Gecko as sleeping quarters, scout out w grav bikes. 11km site is inaccessible to Gecko, but 6km we clear a landing site and drop everyone off. Further scanning reveals a very likely candidate under the eggshell layer, with natural caverns above routes down. Further scanning finds a crevice that leads to within 4-5 metres of the service. We start the equipment up, and after a few hours, break into the shaft about 5m down. There is a passageway leading off to the right, about 1.5-2m wide that looks accessible.


Room on the left,some debris, incl something not natural. Sir Arthur investigates - seems to be some clothing. Some kind of uniform (see handout), for slightly above average height humanoid. Little label that says:

Podroigs Tailors block 4-516 Prospero’s Dream

Doesn’t seem all that old, less than 6 months?

Some other garments, maybe a sock and t-shirt

Further down, high peaked chamber. In it, some kind of bed or nest or underbrush or leaves.

Armitage asks Wiffa if any species makes this. Wiffa smells, goes wide eyed and says “smells like Wiffa. Like fresh wiffa”. Wiffa goes on…it narrows down to a room with a pool. Water it potable.

Carrying on, difficult slope down, then a hole in the floor with worked stairs going down!

Going down, definitely worked by hand. Spirals and ends at metal door. Wiffa knows type of door, opens it to room with pool of some sort in.

Wiffa listens at the door, then suddenly opens the door and charges in- hugs 2 other wiffa’s! Wiffa is v happy.

Lots of Wiffa’s, Male and Femal and even a juvenile. Maybe 15

Lots of greetings, all happy, bit odd thought. PTSD?

Go to sleep. George goes for a pee, comes back and says he saw 2 guys getting knives out of box. After half hour, Armitage goes to pee, and counts sleepers. All accounted for, sleeping.

Armitage notices a hole at apex of chamber. He also remarks the double doors at the top of the stairs

Armitage keeps watch on other side of room for a couple of hours, then Morle. Nothing happens…

Wake up next morning. Big ceremony. Go up to pool, lever pulled, water drains away. Steps appear going down. No obvious way of refilling. Some refuse in the bottom, fish bones.

“apocalypse brought on us by Starbringers, atoning for sins”

Sir Arthur asks Wiffa about sins - Wiffa translates something about atonement for apocalyse. Necessity of sacrifice to save the bloodline

Headman goes, finally we must accept our fate and complete the wishes of “Ish al Gazul”. Wiffa throws himself at the headman Going “noooooo!”

A fierce fight ensues, we down a couple, before one calls a halt. Wiffa is treated, and he explains it is a self destructive trait amongst his people. We need to get out of here, as more are coming, including the real chief, who definitely wants to sacrifice us! We narrowly escape by the underground river, jumping over broken bits, chased by more 4 armed apes shooting laser pistols!

We retire to the Salamander. Dr N’tesh talks to Wiffa, and advises we leave Yellan for a while (there are caches of research defence weapons and doomsday vaults of fauna and flora to come back to)

We jump back to system 2934, not to Kask station by to an RV and a moon where a plus sized Ex-X-boat awaits us….