Session Reports

Chapter 1 “Per aspera ad astra”, or kissing the dirt goodbye (Sam’s World, Month 1)

  1. ...and so it begins....
  2. The game is afoot
  3. Samsworld, Month 1. Lt-Col Wiliam Corto (ret.)

Chapter 2 “Mystical Shapes of the Windy Desert”, or bughunt (Raweh, start of Month 2)

  1. Raweh, desert interlude. Lt-Col Wiliam Corto (ret.)
  2. Raweh, AAR (ad interim draft, pending terminal conclusion of engagement)
  3. Raweh, Basalt Caves, Salamander remote system Helmet Cam feed 004Armitage
  4. Raweh, Aftermath
  5. Raweh, Drinks, Lunch and Rumours

Chapter 2.5 “EVA”, or Here’s your WMDs (Andor, Month 2)

  1. Andor

Chapter 3 “High Society”, or schmoozing and boozing (Karin, Foxtrot Landing, Month 2)

  1. Karin, arrival in civilisation
  2. Karin, party in the museum

Chapter 4 “Karin Croimada Heist & Country Estate”, or The Marquis kills a mammoth with a Dagger, Ninjas in the basement & Mercs on the lawn, Masks and Madness in the Old town (Karin Croimada, end of Month 2)

  1. Hunting Lodge
  2. Croimada City Heist
  3. Spidergangs and Djil

Chapter 5 “Iderati”, or Patronage & Pennies (Karin to Iderati, start of Month 3)

  1. Expedition Funding

Chapter 6 “Mirriam”, or Plan an Op, do an Op: Depose a religious Zelot, Incite a riot, Burn a City down, install a Puppet ruler (Iderati to Mirriam to Karin, Month 3)

  1. The Arch Stargazer's Fall

Chapter 7 “Emape & Departure”, or The Marquis burnishes his Rep as a Starfighter & we buy bigger guns (Karin to Emape to 2934, Month 4)

  1. Karin Drop
  2. Emape equipping

Chapter 8 “Urnian Sub-Sector”, or Spinward Ho! to elephant sized Tigers, Alien spore Zombies, Cultists, Yetis & 4-armed Great White Apes with SMGs (2934 vicinity, start of month 5)

  1. Station Kask
  2. System 2834
  3. Blackburn Halo mine
  4. Fauna of Yeellan

Chapter 9 “Return to…civilisation?” (arrive Emape, end of Month 6, Karin & Moonbase Alpha Month 7)

  1. Customs of the Third Imperium
  2. Moonbase Alpha
    1. Mutiny Aftermath

Chapter 10 “Iderati, high commerce & low motives”, or Salvage, shopping for Drop Ships and nearly getting kneecapped or worse (Month 8, arrive Iderati end of week 1)

  1. Red Claw Nexus
  2. Karin revisited
  3. Escort duty
  4. Hunting Lodge II
  5. The plot thickens

Chapter 11 “Outside Context Problem”

  1. Let’s make sure it’s a benevolent AI
  2. Return to Yellan
  3. Intel
  4. Prospero's Dream
  5. Kizars Bazaar
    1. Armitages Fever Dreams
  6. Yellan 3: Rendezvous with Destiny
  7. Into the Unknown
  8. Doomsday fleet
  9. Kizar's even more Bizarre
  10. RB67: Reminiscent of Mystical Shapes of the Windy Desert, or bughunt
  11. Time after time