Spidergangs and Djil

“Beneath neither Cup nor Chain nor Moon do I stand But under the gaze of visage face, secret and awaiting the touch of hand Is where our resting place is to be found Safe from thief, heretic, or sniffing hound”

Corto: Dex 0 End 2

Armitage: Endurance 0 Dex 7

Loot: 6 robes 8 masks 8 chokers 2 gilded masks

Morle has talked with his contact “Ucas Zula” who did two stints in the Navy and has basic skilss in Gunnery, Engineering and Electronics. He looks strong and able, he’s almost out of cash after a miserable 6 months since mustering out and is happy to come on board for standard pay.

Your drone agent leaves a message for you on the synthesismail

“Oh my dear Marquis, This is ah Mr Hemmerger from Drones’r’Us, I am most sorry to say that, ahem, well, it wasn’t obvious that your Lordship’s diplomatic status is ermm, how can we say er, “reduced in stature” since his early retirement. Given the laws of the land we are not authorized to sell such dangerous and important equipment. I personally of course, would be happy to help I would not for a minute consider your Lordhsip the least risk to the staus quo but, laws are laws. Sorry. We do have branches on Penelope and Mirriam where the laws are less strict on these issues, so if you are ever passing by……”

You have time for a quick vist to the Baron is happy to see you:

“ My Dear Marquis, such adventures eh! You did us all a huge favour with the commercial documents from our friends eh, he he! Most devislishly useful for our future operations, most obliged to you. The Professor has bought me up to speed on your magnificent archaeological discoveries as well!, My my, where do you find the time for it!

These two gilded masks would make absolutely amazing acquistions for the Museum. I think I can negotiate with the board to give you 900k for a six month expedition if you would be so good as to let us have them! What do you say? We’d off course expect the Museum to be the recipient of your archaeological discoveries as they arise of course, as well as exotic flora and fauna, most splendid the advancement of knowledge eh? You would of course be able to write-up all your discoveries and if they are important enough, I am sure we could arrange a quite lucrative speaking tour afterwards as well!

What do you say?”

Amouk would like to go to Iderati and he promises to see if his Scientific foundation would be interested in backing your expedition. Two other travelers have also requested passage…….

And on to tonight…..