Station Cask

Station Kask:



Next steps?

  1. Alien spaceship: Spore ship, can make tentacles, source of infestation?
  2. Scout ship: Salvage, high tech pistols
  3. Location of where virus was sending us
  4. Origin of outpost in this bit of space 2334 or 2433
  5. Ongoing mission to seek out new worlds:
    1. Baron Baran: Commences at 150,000 per month from Iderati, no end date, items for his museum
    2. Amouk’s AFZEB Foundation: 50,000 per month for 6 months from Emape (month 4 first month), interested in xenofauna and flora. Giant Velvet Worm in Urnian sector, the Gedji-Gedji 15 legged massive insect, The Great White Ape, and the Mucosids
    3. Baron Harlon Etan A’vorta: Stipend for Marquis, no end date. Whats going on with the Baron Harlon DuCote, the guy who shut down the corruption INVESTIGATON, donated to the Baron Beren’s museum and seems to be involved in imperial covert activity using 3238 as staging post possibly looking for
    4. Adamantium, very strong but light used to make v strong and heat resistant alloys
    5. Type of energy source Cavorite. Not fully explained, but very desirable to Navy and Army
    6. Reference to a number of systems to the West of Five Sisters, including 2736, 2834 and 2937


Sector rumours: