Sybian's Column

Your weekly column: 2187

Sybian’s Salacious (not quite Slander) on a Capital Society

Dear Readers, as you know, Sybian is a devoted fan of all things irregular that shake up our staid somewhat inbred society circle. With that in mind, my goodness, our heart is all a flutter.

Who is this “The Most Honourable Marquis of Bicorn Lord Richard Colley Wellesly” and his entourage, what a godsend they are for our closed and bickering society. Rarely have we had such dash and such rumour, yet so few facts (Although your dear scribe still retains a place in her heart for the embassy of the Vogtalian’s - that many tentacled race that so tickled the fancy of our humble planets fairer society, but I digress…).

The Marquis’ exquisite Yacht the “Salamander” and his previous service in the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, are fixed points we can be sure of, even if his service record is all “hush hush”. We know for sure his Nephew Sir Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck has a distinguished Army record and his dash most certainly makes up for his, erm, rather difficult ability to cognitate on things of complexity, while the man known affectionately, already, to members of our fairer sex only as “Senor Corto “ cuts a dash with his eyepatch and cynical air, his two enforcers are a mysterious - lot a man of clear military stature and Mr Anonymous ,of a lack of clear breeding (what exactly are there roles here, Sybian confesses to a guess and confusion, we will speculate more on these two in future columns perhaps?).

But what a swathe they have cut through our little society? Launched into breach so they say between the Keysk’s and the Beren’s we have much gossip but little in the way of facts. It would seem the Marquis is more a Beren than Keysk? But can we be sure? What is clear is that in the realms of physical endeavours the Marquis appears to be a man “hors norme” as word has reached, my dear readers, of a quite incredible adventure!

On the Baron’s private estate a drama has played out that, dear readers, left us quite breathless and flushed at the thought! During their sojurn, a hunting expedition almost turned into a dastardly tragedy, the Marquis, not known as a marksman, was badly let down by his entourage. In the dense forest they surprised one of our larger Bos Gunniens (a formidable beast to hunt I am told and the curse of many a widow!). Despite the sustained fire of his three companions, not one dropped the beast!

As the beast charged his Man Armitage (petrified by fear and badly off target we hear) the Marquis threw caution (and we would argue sanity, what risks for a nobody!) to the wind and grasped the moment!

Unsheathing his hunting knife the Marquis leapt into the oncoming beasts path, deftly turning aside and plunging his knife deep into the animals vitals before cunningly using the animals own momentum to open it from stem to stern! The momentum of the dying beast carried the two of them on to the very feet of that man Armitage!

However, we have it on good authority there was some bad blood among his men after this, as shots were fired in haste at the Baron’s mansion after this epic endeavor (so say the glass-smiths at any rate). Surely the Marquis should reassess the friends he keeps, far from it for us to say, but shouldn’t such a great man deserve better friends than that?

Ho ho, but why rush to be so judgemental you say, surely it was high spirits no more?

I too shared your thoughts dear readers, but once again we find the Marquis’s entourage embroiled in an unsavoury set of events! At the lesser Keysk’s ball in Croimada a mysterious set of circumstance has arisen.

Ostensibly the Keysk’s were the vistims of an underworld heist in the midst of the brawl, but questions remain about Sir Arthur’s and this Man Morle’s behavior. At the time, they were portrayed as dashing heroes intervening in the heist and slaying a number of would-be thieves. But! your dear scribe has other information. Highly placed sources in the Croimada Authorities question the official portrayal of events (something about incongruous blood stains and the hasty departure of all involved?) and they are hoping security footage of the area will lead to more insights!

To conclude, what drama, what a decisive man of action do we have among our midst! The Marquis has not just sent society a talking but many a woman’s (and man’s, and others) hearts a flutter!

But surely a word to the wise, if I may, should not the Marquis look to have better friends? Your dear scribe for one, is willing to throw herself into the role, should the marquis but make a sign….