System 2834

Go to ice planet to refuel. As get closer, planet is not completely ice bound - some free areas near the tropics. There appears to be some geological disturbance on the ice planet. Something has been messing around over large area. Machines or habitation on the surface. No electromagnetic activity - maybe just in hibernation mode? Slight differences in heat signatures. There appears to be a habitation complex, 10-15 vehicles, and around it different heat signatures around the habitation, like coins. Due to difference in surface depth? 15-20 of them, 20-50m across, interspersed between buildings and machinery, others at greater distance. About 4km up a valley there is a glacier, 2 bright heat signatures in the glacier face, 5-10m depth


Away team of Sir Arthur, Morle, Corto and Armitage tool up (incl. emergency survival gear) and head out, Bart and George in the air raft. Salamander in LEO, raft on top of glacier, launch a drone at about 8km.

Drone shows in mining site, circles, the indents are 5-50m across, and have undermined buildings In a fenced off area with 4 buildings they have collapsed.

On edge of glacier face, 300-400 feet high. 100-150 feet up, heat signature, green smoke wafting out, massive amount of ice at foot. Sheered off exposing heat vent. Nothing heated up in last 3-6 hours. Daytime temp -5. Most vehicles parked, but 3 off in different locations not parked. All 3 have windows smashed in.

Green smoke breathable, non toxic to initial dron sampler. Looking in the glacier face, two large round corridors/pipes leading off in either direction. Inside the glacier? 6 foot in diameter

Send a drone in either side, entrance is about 150 feet down cliff face. Gets slightly warmer, maybe slightly narrower

Sir Arthur is scanning the mining camp. Its seems to be a standard mining operation, for maybe 30-40 people. Fuel generation facilities, utility area, repair area, processing plant; quite small, not processing millions of tonnes of product

The away team have the raft fly them to the entrance into the glacier. Leave a go bag at the entrance, and go in, tooled out, go left. Sir Arthur in combat armour up front, then Morle, then Corto, Armitage at the rear. Suddenly we hear a scraping noise in the tunnel, almost metallic, possibly tapping, before a massive heat signature appears on Corto’s drone scope, approaching fast….

Through the IR goggles, out of the waves of smoke like heat, three centipede like bugs scuttle at high speed towards the team. They have lots of spiky legs, and an almost oval plate on top of their heads that radiates heat.

They attack Sir Arthur, Morle and Corto, with 2 taken down in a burst of auto fire, and Corto hacking the last one in two. The team collect the dead halves for Dr Ntesh, and carry on down the corridor. The tunnels form a loop, the team having entered at the 6 o’clock position. As 3 and 9, a straight passage leads to the centre, with a grill at the end.

The central shaft consists of what looks like a machine room (Room 2-2), the floor level approximately 2-3m lower than the tunnels. They seem to have have previously been covered with an L-shaped junction pipe that would have lead into ceiling ducting, but these have burst off on both sides, probably due to pressure. The machinery is alien in nature, and Corto can only make out limited functionality on some machines, possibly heating. Several red lights show on various devices, and the sounds is sometimes “unhealthy”. A layer of dust implies that things haven’t been maintained in a while.


A central shaft has its slightly ajar door. Upon prizing it open, several green lights come on, and functionality seems to be available. The team step in, and press a button - and begin to smoothly rise without any apparent mechanism. Anti gravity! About 50 feet (15 metres) up, a door in the wall opens. Morle casually strides on thin air across whilst the others flap around. The upper floor is an overgrown planetarium (room 3-1), with raised beds. Morle, Sir Arthur and Corto move ahead, whilst Armitage covers them. They reach the other side with no incident, as the elevator tube door shuts.

On the far side, the door opens into a small square room (3-2), with exits to the SW and North. From the north, cold emanates, and there appears to be light coming in. Corto stays by the door to the plant room to prevent it shutting with some debris, and Sir Arthur and Morle move to the North. As they enter the larger room, a large, white furry creature appears from the ice it was hiding amongst, and with a roar, attacks them. Sir Arthur and Morle struggle to make their hits count, and as the beast smashes into them, Armitage runs forward, opening up on auto, with a burst slamming into the creature…and also into Morle….


Sir Arthur steps up to the beast, and winding back his arm, slams it in the jar. It paws at him, but slides into unconsciousness. We collect samples of blood and hair, and examine ther rest of the level.

There is a small box buried in avalanche from crevasse. 1.5 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot. Inside is a 3 icnh metal disk with 5 tentacle like things hanging off. The tentacles wrap around his Morles palm and Metal disk in centre of palm starts to glow - it turns out to open doors!

Tube C has no power, and goes down at least 100 feet, possibly as far as the glaciers base.


Room 3-4 is a canteen, for humanoid sized individuals. We collect strange ceramic beakers, and the food production unit works, in a way - the sludge is collected for examination. Armitage collects plant samples as well. Room 3-5 opens with the alien key, and contains 3 statues, numerous old art works on canvas, and a dinosaur, probably ins stasis, in the middle of the room. The fish tank in the NE corner is shattered, and the dead fish are on the floor. Samples are collected of them. Armitage removes the paintings from the frames and stores them carefully. Tube D doesn’t respond to the key, despite having the lock shape. Tube B (SW corners of room 3-2) however does.


The room to the West has a strange 7 foot tall green humanoid of unknown species in the bed, apparently dead. A robotic sphere hums towards the group, and despite several blasts, reaches Corto and injects him with something that makes him feel…very happy. It then deactivates. The humanoid has a gold disc-key in his hand which we take. Room 4-3 contains 10 plinths with various artifacts: A sword, a shield, some kind of gun and other mundane looking things - and a seemingly hostile robot….


The away team open up on the robot whilst running back to the lift. Bullets ping off its exoskeleton to minimal effect, and they all jump into the grav tube - Bobby included, taking a chunk out of Armitage’s shoulder with his claws as he does so. During the float down, the team continue to spray the robot, many shots going wild in the zero g, but some landing home. As they touch down, Morle’s burst of semi-auto fire crack through the dome over the head, and Bobby slumps to the ground, fizzing. Sir Arthur delivers the coup de grace. As he does so, a red light starts blinking faster on Bobby’s back “Run!” yells Sir Arthur, and they all burst into room 3-2, and promptly go flying on the icy floor except for Morle who keeps his feet. Luckily, the door closes on the tube as Bobby explodes; however, the massive detonation knocks the power out and rumblings and cracking can be heard in the ice.

As the emergency lighting comes on, and the klaxon starts, there is a roar from the room with the T-rex in, and he bursts through the door. He too falls on the ice, sliding forward with jaws snapping. Morle and Armitage promptly toss grenades down his gullet, and a series of muffled explosions cause his torso to bulge unnaturally, and then, as he stands up, split, and he expires messily

The team use the grapple guns to escape up the crevasse in room 3-3, Armitage nearly falling but catching himself. There, they are greeted by the Yeti, who seems to be non aggressive, gesturing to his shoulder that Sir Arthur tended to earlier. He seems to reach into the crevasse behind us, and produces various items that we had seen on the plinths in the room with Bobby! A sword (of oriental nature), a shield, a statue (of a long thin humanoid) and a small metallic box, with a couple of cylindrical protrusions and some small etchings - looks like some kind of artifact from the ancients in fact! He then lopes off into the ice, and we dust off. About 2-3 minutes later, a large portion of the front of the glacier calves off, with a sound that shakes the air raft as it ascends to the ship, and a massive cloud of ice dust covers the area. After 10 minutes, it gradually settles, and the debries reaches almost to the mining camp. Of the alien facility, nothing is left.

After tending to wounds and delivering samples to the Doctor, who is rather peevish about us killing everything, the team approach the mining camp. Setting down some way away, they approach one of the outer buildings on foot