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So, the game is a foot. Action happening.

Things to remember you’re purchasing a bare unrefined fuel source tank (for water/gas) not refined fuel. for the hangar bay. 35k CR including installation ;-) in three days time [[Helmut?]] appears to consider you his worst customers, if not ever, at least for a long time…..

You have a high value cargo that needs to be delivered to contacts of [[Efisto?]] on Andor. This is a bit delicate as direct route takes you through Raweh, which has an imperial Naval Base and Andor is under interdiction form the Imperium. This will net you 40k CR and the everlasting appreciation of [[Efisto?]], if you ever see him again….You’re in charge of forging export documents, [[Efisto?]] will ensure the right customs man is there.

The Marquis has dropped a line to his friend the [[Duchess?]] and she would like to discuss the possibility of him taking her protege under your wing, so to speak, and getting him to the capital Iderati of the Domain of Deneb, she has a letter of introduction for the young man to the Sub-sector Duke there. Its a multi sector trip, potentially quite lucrative, although you will have to offer a discount…..

Your potential new indentured Steward Batholmew Sato is making discrete inquiries about an officer in a mercenary companies urgent need to get offworld given an indiscretion with someone powerful’s wife, it sounded promising. The only hitch is the debt the steward owes to the criminal outfit for his ongoing gambling expenses happens to the same one Armitage may have “re-appropriated” (criminal kingpins are notoriously prickly about accounting errors, not in their favour) approx 100K CR from as part of his severance pay, so keeping a low profile is going to be essential….urgent departure should however demand a premium, so this looks quite favourable.

You will have some staterooms free still and putting the general word out may attract an opportunist off-world voyage from some of the more well heeled citizens of Sam's World.

Bartholmew Sato - Steward - 13k debt bought by Armitage

Passenger & Cargo income:

Capital outlay:

On off costs:

Ongoing costs

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