The plot thickens

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< * Lined up a fast courier, with a pilot * Make voyage, RV at end of 4 weeks * Need a X-boat to make the jumps to make an RV on 2634 weeks 4-5


> * Lined up a fast courier, with a pilot
> * Make voyage, RV at end of 4 weeks
> * Need a X-boat to make the jumps to make an RV on 2634 weeks 4-5


The Baron A’vorta chats to the Marquis on his way back to the lodge, after activating a scrambler.

Intel from Urnian sector v interesting. Ppl in Imperium working agsint us. Seems even more serious than that. 5 sisters delicately placed vis a vis the Imperium - not continuous patrols. Sword Worlds and Darian sector much closer to imperium. We have somewhat patchy relations. When push comes to shove, Imperium will not actively prioritise the sector if we’re cut off.

The Imperial Navy assets within secotr are impressive, above and beyond normal compliment. Mostly used containg interdiction around Andor and CandoryDelivery other day was data we moved to purchase becaus eof it’s etreme sensitivty to security of five sisters. Concerned about security and integreity of data, blind unfortunatley, in case of double agnet, whic turned out to be the case. The info relates to the specific distr of Imperial NAvy assets iwthin 5 sisters. This info is dsetined for a 3rd party who we do not know. Contracted to be dedlivered to someone in Urnian sector. By third parties, we’ve intercpeted and taken controlof delivery. Details combat readiness of every ship, state of readiness, intervals before major mainteance overhaul, efficiency ratings for crews down to sub sections level i.e. gunnery and missile teams.and planned deplyoments for next 3 months and implication for 3 months therafter. Most concerned about why someone would want this. 5 sisters not privy to all Imperium intel, but some concern about current sate of domestic politics in the Sword Worlds, may be some requirement for demonstration of force (X-boat route actually goes through the Sword Worlds - bit like Vikings).

Given you’ve already managed to assist us, and have experience in Urnian sector. Hoping you could assist us. IN the Urnian sector. What we hope you will under guise of your expedition, take your time, do the exploration, but as soon as we get info about the location of handoff, that we could deliver it for us. We are still in the dark about who ultimate recipients are, so blind about the threat. Hoping you deliver it as the contractors, and expose only one part of your team, and the others attempt to identify where the data goes next. You could use a complete no one to hand off the info, whilst the team wathces who receives it, where it’s going etcHand off will be a delivery, don’t aniticpate any problems. We ahve the data, but if it doesn’t arrive, or manipulate it, we’ve tipped our hand. We have to get further along the intel chain.

Risky. V risky. Dangerous mission, there would be decorationsM: Could the lease payments be pushed out?A’v: Tricky to make continuous payments. Perhaps a one off payment. Someone has to pay. The bureaucracy. Lets do something that gives you the equivalentFirst RV in 4 weeks at 2934. Establish fuel dump there. Will have to have a smaller ship to make the drop to keep the Salamander cleanMarquis concerned about handing data over. A’vorta confirms they will change some minor details, same balls, different cups"So, tell me about your plans for exploration.

“I hear from Baron Beren, that Prof Benison, that you have been making”

Deal is equivalent 6 months payment holiday, rounded up to 1,000,000 CR. 20% now, rest on return. Daryl sends msg saying RV on Emape at earliest convenience.Talk to Hukat about an informant, loyal guy to money. George knows him as well. 3k per month for good intel, broader than Karin. Other Snippets too. Hukat puts him on Karin, Keysks Dr. P “Tiny” Smeerson and traffic in and out of Raweh. Also ask A’vorta about Smeerson and Raweh trafficHead to emape, buy light auto cannon, meet Daryl.Comes on board Salamander. In charge of logistics and comms