Capt. Kevin Liu-Carstairs


Captain Kevin “Kip” Liu-Carstairs, UNSM 75767C Age 26 Marines (2) Cr21,000 Grav Vehicle-1 Gun Combat-1 Leader-1 Jack-o-T-1 Melee Combat-0 Recon-1 Repair-1 Survival-1 Zero-G-1 Contacts (not that it matters): Papa Jin (I am closer with him than Papa Arthur, and he’s more willing to listen to me); UN Space Forces Commander Penelope Vang (Commanding Officer, UNSF Albert Gore)


English/French + Han, Hollywood central casting good looking Marine. High and tight.

Loves danger, new experiences, helping people. Uncomfortable with close personal interactions.

No significant relationships outside his former Marine unit (17th Recon Battalion). Not close with his parents.

Speaks English, with a scattering of French and Mandarin sprinkled in.


Only child (via facilitated genotransference) of Jin “Jimmy” Liu (CFO, Pacifica Aerospace Engineering, “Papa Jin”) and Arthur Valentin Carstairs (Deputy Administrator, UN Executive West European District, “Papa Arthur”). His womb mother was his aunt, Lucille Valentin (novelist and media commentator), and they are still close.

Grew up a child of privilege and world traveler. Dissatisfied with how insulated he and his family were from the “real world” where so many people suffered, he rebelled against his parents’ plans for his life.

Enlisted in UN Space Marines against his parents’ wishes. He believes that they pulled strings to get him commissioned as a Lieutenant in the hopes he would be safer.

Made famous by the multimedia dramatization of his experiences on the first mission to Hel after the Collapse, A Season in Hell. Very much the face of the mission back home, he is not very comfortable with the attention.