Procyon’s sole inhabited world is a Mercury-sized ball of rock that would be uncolonized even by the non-discriminating Terrans if it weren’t for its location. One jump from the Sirius system, Procyon is the shield between the Imperium and Terran colonies as far away as Ember and Forlorn.

Procyon is hardly a colony at all, but rather an oversized military installation. Next to Nusku, it has the largest standing fleet of any Confederation system, and patrols from there are launched towards Sirius on a weekly basis. Everyone living on Procyon is either military personnel or just passing through.

So far as anyone can tell, Procyon has no value at all except for its strategic importance. The world has been examined fairly extensively in the hopes of making it a little more self-supporting, but nothing valuable has ever turned up. On the other hand, Procyon shrunk considerably as it cooled, and the surface is very cracked and jumbled. It is difficult to say for certain that there isn’t something worthwhile down in the many crevasses that cross the planet’s surface.