Hex 0706

Star: QSC 11 - Brown Dwarf


Orbit Radius (AU)Zone Type Diameter (miles)Gravity Inner Small Moons Rings Large Moons Outer Small Moons Orbital Period (days)Rotation period (hours)Axial Tilt (°)
10.018Life Gas Giant 100000.324017.214.033
20.418Outer Gas Giant 150000.4831080626.04
30.818Outer Gas Giant 250000.83522206.417.049
41.618Outer Gas Giant 300000.969Visible 536137.811.015
53.218Outer Terrestrial 70000.26217215.70.029

QSC 11 was discovered in the search for rogue planets or undetected brown dwarfs at about 1 parsec from Earth to use the new Jump Drive.