Scout Ship

Suleiman Scout/Courier (Type S) – Detached Duty configuration

100-ton hull - streamlined TL-9 Jump-2 Maneuver-2 Power plant-2 Computer: Model 2 (Sensor/Jump DM+0) 24 tons of fuel tankage, one Jump-2 + 4 week operating range

Options: fuel scoops, fuel processor (5 tons/day), bridge, 1 triple turret, laboratory (+1 Science), 6 staterooms, 2 emergency low berth (holds 8), 6 escape pods, 5 probe drones, repair drones, Air/raft, and 5 tons of cargo.

Cargo: 5 tons

5000 Use-skies

Life Support

Life support covers food; it’s nourishing but plain. Some food is produced from a 3D food printer. If deemed safe, native plants and animals can augment the diet.


Ship detection range for the scout is 900,000 km. Once detected you can track something out to 1,200,000 km.

Triple turret:


Missile rack holds 3 smart missiles. (Magazine with 12 extra smart missiles.)

Ship’s Locker