The brightest star in Terra’s sky is a lonely and desolate place up close. The system is eternally blasted by its brilliant white primary star, and was severely disrupted in the past by the white dwarf companion as it passed through the red giant stage. Little can be found except a few thousand boulder-sized chunks of refractory rock and metal close to the primary, and a once-melted cloud of icy bodies in the far outer system. It is difficult even to refuel at Sirius – traffic crossing the system must carry extra fuel to double-jump, bring tanker ships, or spend months searching for an icy body in the outer star system.

Sirius has no permanent habitation, as there’s simply nothing there to permanently inhabit. Rumor has it that the Confederation government is considering towing an Oort cloud object closer into the star, to use as a watch post and refueling depot.