Timeline of Supernova Campaign

o Political unrest, economic distress, and environmental degradation ultimately result in formation of United Nations Executive.

o Tech Level 8

· Late 21st Century (2051-2100)

o Consolidation of UN authority, global economic integration. Large population redistributions due to global climate change require gradual movement toward true “world government” status for the Executive.

o Acceleration of geoengineering solutions to climate shift, along with increased exploitation of inner system resources and establishment of permanent human habitation in Earth orbit, on Luna, and on Mars. Technological breakthroughs.

o Tech Level 9. Gravity control, advanced high efficiency reaction drives, fusion. Early experiments in Jump technology.

o 2054 – first Jump drive tested successfully.

o 2058 – Hel system surveyed.

o 2063 – Type Ia supernova occurs at 62 Gamma Scorpii, 42 ly from Earth

o 2070 – Hel base established. Early expeditions to Barnard, Proxima, Alpha Centauri.

o 2078 – Prometheus colony established.

o 2084 – Barnard colony established

o 2085-2105 – exploration and colonization continues, with additional habitable systems being discovered.

o 2092 – Bez is born at Barnard colony, one of the first children born there.

o 2094 – Kevin Liu-Carstairs born in Geneva, Switzerland.

o 2099 – Bez’s family repatriate to Earth at the end of their contract

· Early 22nd Century (2101-2120)

o 2100 – EMR wavefront of 62 Gamma Scorpii SN reaches Barnard. Contact lost with Barnard, Jump to the system results in loss of ships.

o 2105 – EMR wavefront of 62 Gamma Scorpii SN reaches Earth

o 2105-2116 – the Collapse. Climate, ecology, and technology all suffer serious impacts from the SN’s Cosmic Ray flux. Jump travel is effectively impossible, and intra-system space travel is quite dangerous. Contact is largely lost with extrasolar colonies and bases.

o 2112 – Kevin Liu-Carstairs enlists in Marines.

o 2117 – CR flux subsides sufficiently to make Jump travel possible. Bancroft expedition is planned.

o 2117 – UNSF expedition aboard UNSF Albert Gore is mounted to Hel Base and Prometheus. Conditions in Hel system are unexpectedly more severe, and Marine Lt Kevin Liu-Carstairs and his landing team are marooned on Hel Base and presumed dead for 6 weeks awaiting rescue when the Gore is forced to retreat to the outer system for repairs due to damage from the CR flux. The events of this mission are the topic of a top-grossing multimedia adaptation, A Season in Hell, in 2118. Liu-Carstairs becomes a celebrity of sorts.

o 2120 – UNS Ann Bancroft, a 100-dt exploration ship fitted with the first ever Jump-2 drive, is dispatched to survey the condition of the extrasolar colonies and explore systems previously impossible to reach with Jump-1. Liu-Carstairs volunteers for the mission.