Tribe 8


“We are the dispossessed, the Children of Hom, the Fallen, we are the Eighth Tribe and we are alone. We are those who walk away, turn our backs on the Seven Sisters, on our mothers and fathers, and venture into the wastelands around us to find our destiny, to find our calling. Some of us are rebels or outlaws, others malcontents and lunatics, victims and terrorists, but we are one; we are the Children of the Fall. Listen to me, my brothers and sisters, we must no longer stand idle and silent; our time has come. The ashes are vanishing and in their wake a new world is dawning, a world that is our destiny to discover and to reclaim. The past, the camps, the ZĀ“bri, are just that - the past. The future is dark and unknown; the future belongs to us.”

Altara Ven, “The Manifesto of the Fallen”