Like you, of a Mother I was born.

For you, I rose from Her ashes.

You call me but a child but I am more, much more.

The world is mine to discover.

Won´t you join me?

From the Word of Agnes.

Childlike Ways



Although young and childlike, Agnites are not always innocent or sweet. They are fickle and highly unpredictable. This Eminence can force others to change like them or help Agnites go through sudden changes. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Suddenly appear big and intimidating.INFThreshold 5
Disappear from sight, only to reappear behind an enemy.AGIThreshold 6
Make someone act contrary to her anture.INF, opposed by WILThreshold 6 (minimum)


Inspiration is a powerful Eminence, allowing others to gain a momentary glimpse of the bigger picture. Most Agnites seem to evoke this Eminence by accident; something in their actions or creations unlocks some deeply buried insight in the viewer. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Solving a puzzle in seconds.PSYThreshold 5
Convince others to follow you.INF, opposed by WILThreshold 5 (minimum)
Granting someone an epiphany.PSYThreshold 6

Agnite Weltbild