I am the keeper at the gate, the one who knows the secrets that you can only guess at.

I am here to help you through and tell you when your time has come.

I am the one who walks with death; the one who is death.

My children walk in shadow and know my secrets.

Fear me only if you cannot understand me.

From the Word of Baba Yaga.



Yagans are legendary wise-women who understand the flows of destiny like few others. This Eminence allows them to glimpse into the future in a variety of ways. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Seeing someoneĀ“s or somethingĀ“s immediate future.PERThreshold 4
Finding a lost artifact.KNOThreshold 5
Sensing if a situation is dangerous.PSYThreshold 4


The followers of Baba Yaga are responsible for tribal final rites and live with death on a daily basis. This Eminence allows them to sense mortality and affect its flow in limited ways. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Comunicating with ghosts.KNOThreshold 5
Causing an object to decay.WILThreshold 6
Placing someone in suspended animation.WIL, opposed by FITThreshold 7