In the Times of Pain I was born.

Of your need for relief I grew out.

With my sisters I came to free you, my children,

of the Beasts that call themselves Z´bri.

You are safe with me.

From the Word of Eva.



Life is a powerful force. It flows through everything and the Evans can sense it and alter its course. They can support its flow or staunch it. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Cause a plant to grow rapidly.PSYThreshold 6
Kill without causing any pain.PSYThreshold 7, the victim must be willing
Sense the health of another.PERThreshod 4


Evans can sense the invisible undercurrents that tie all living beings, and are able to discern moods and emotions at a distance, or even sense through other´s thoughts. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Telepathic communication.PSYThreshold 5, range of MoS*150 meters
Limited communication with nearby animals.PSYThreshold 5
Sensing the fears or hopes of others.PSYThreshold 4

Evan Weltbild