While Bazaar is the tribal center, Hom is the bastion of the Fallen. Equal parts shanty town and ghetto, Hom is a community of exiles and outlaws. Isolated from Vimary by the Great River, the residents of Hom live under the watchful eye of the tribes. Its labyrinthine streets are filled with vagrants who stand in stark contrast to the growing and proud Eighth Tribe. Dives, taverns and dens of debauchery are all part and parcel of Hom, but even so there is a positive energy in the air. Every building is decorated by the Eighth Tribe, ranging from graffiti, to murals and sculptures - each trying to capture the essence of their collective destiny. Piercing and tattoo parlors can be found, as well as bars and clubs that would put to shame even the most hard-core industrial bar of the world before.

Even for its uplifting atmosphere, Hom is still a place of exile and depression. To some, the burden of being cast out is too much to bear, and they spend their days lashing out, or join the darkest groups of Doomsayers or Jackers, looking for an end to their misery. The abandoned warehouses and ancient buildings that dot the island of Hom hide this despair, but it can still be felt. It is only the spirit of the Eighth Tribe that allows its members to ignore the suffering around them and strive towards the future.