I am the Sword that punishes

I am the righter of wrongs

I am strength incarnate

I am a tool to be used by my betters

I am alone

From the Word of Joan.



Devotion enables a Joanite to sacrifice herself, whether physically or mentally, for the greater good. Deeds of tenacity and faith are all aspects of Devotion. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Being able to cast aside one´s fears momentarily.WILThreshold 5
Resisting someone´s influence or manipulations.PSYThreshold 4, MoS becomes bonus in opposed roll
Endure torture without giving in.BLDThreshold 5


Fury is an Eminence of savage energy; when invoked for conjunctional effects, failed rolls cause the user to enter a berserker rage and attack anyone near her, unless she rolls a WIL against a Threshold of 5. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Sending an opponent flying with a single touch.AGIThreshold 5, MoS*2 meters
Using one´s own bare hands as a weapon.AGIThreshold 5, UD increased by MoS*3
Ignoring pain.BLDThreshold 5, temporarily reduce total Action Penalites by MoS

Joanite Weltbild