I have no skin but I can still feel your eyes upon my body.

They tickle me like the fingers you wish you could trail upon me.

I am the Lover, the inward explorer.

Through my tribe, I feel, I know, I am.

From the Word of Magdalen.



Conflict is a subtle and subversive Eminence. It encompasses effects from subterfuge to manipulating emotions in the dreamer´s target. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Tell a lie that will be believed.INF, oppoesd by PSYThreshold 5
Make someone say something against her will.WIL, opposed by WILThreshold 6 (minimum)
Cause two persons to distrust each other, or to become overly paranoid.WILThreshold 6


Sensuality is a subtle Eminence, as elusive as it is alluring. Its effects are additive to most Magdalites, to the point where someone will remain in trance for days on end just to experience the rush it gives them. Possible conjunctional effects include:

Sense what person among a crowd s the most charismatic and ´interesting´.PERThreshold 4
Make someone else feel whatever emotions the dreamer is presently feeling.INFThreshold 6
Lock someone in a trance (unable to move) just by looking at her.WIL, opposed by WILThreshold 6 (minimum)

Magdalite Weltbild